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Survey Throttling

Avoid over surveying your customer with Survey Throttling. Ensure that same customers are not send surveys in a given duration.

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What is Survey Throttling and Why use it?

Survey Throttling ensures that the same person (identified by email address or phone number of unique ID) is not sent the same Email or SMS Survey more than once in a set time and period.

  • Make sure your customers are not over-surveyed
  • Don’t let customers have survey fatigue

Set up Survey Throttling for everyone, all together

You can set up Survey Throttling once in your account, which works for all surveys and campaigns you run.

Choose different frequency and periods for Survey Throttling

Based on your requirement, choose the frequency of sending the Recurring Survey - schedule it for monthly, quarterly, yearly or on specific dates every month. You set it and Zonka Feedback takes care of the rest.



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