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1 to 5 Scale Survey Template

Quickly collect customer feedback on various aspects, such as customer satisfaction, product usability, service quality, and more using 1 to 5 Scale Survey Template.

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1 to 5 rating scale surveys help gain insights into customer sentiment by using a numeric rating scale that ranges between 1 and 5. Use surveys across industries like healthcare, hospitality, technology, digital marketing, finance, retail, and education to understand customer sentiments and CX metrics such as CSAT.

Questions in 1 to 5 Scale Survey Template

  1. 1. Please rate your satisfaction on the following parameters. (Service, Quality, Value for Money, Overall Experience)
    • Very Disappointed
    • Disappointed
    • Neutral
    • Satisfied
    • Very Satisfied
  2. 2. Any additional comments or feedback you'd like to share.
  3. 3. Please share your name, email address, and mobile number

The primary question here helps in measuring the the customer satisfaction using the 5 scales ranging from Very Disappointed to Very Satisfied. You can add more questions depending on the type of survey and your survey goal. It allows the survey creators to get very clear and quantitative data to quickly assess respondents' sentiments and preferences.

How to Get Started with 1 to 5 Scale Survey Template?

Here are few simple steps to get started with measuring customer satisfaction using the 1 to 5 Scale Survey Template:

  1. Click on 'Edit this Template': On top of this page, you'll see an option to 'Edit this Template'. Click on it to directly start customizing the 1 to 5 Scale survey template.
  2. Customize the template: Once you have signed up or logged in, locate the template and click on it to start editing. The survey builder allows you to customize the template based on your preference. Add your questions, incorporate your branding, and tweak the design to suit your needs. You can also add skip logic, pre-fill data, answer piping, and more to create dynamic surveys and enrich your responses.
  3. Preview the survey: Before you finalize the survey, preview it to ensure everything looks good and functions as expected.
  4. Save the survey: After previewing the survey and making any necessary adjustments, save it.
  5. Prepare for distribution: Now that your survey is ready to go, decide the distribution channel. Consider the most effective channels for reaching your audience, such as email, social media, or through your website.

Here are some of the examples of sharing 1 to 5 Scale Surveys using different channels.

1. Website Surveys

Website surveys are effective way of gauging customer satisfaction with ease of navigation, website content, page load speed, exit intent, and more. Website visitors can easily rate their experiences enabling your to work on areas of improvement. For example, you can trigger post-purchase survey pop ups after a successful purchase. You can also have a feedback button on your website with a question related to website usability.

2. Email Surveys

Triggering 1 to 5 scale surveys template via email can help you fetch high response rate. You can embed email surveys in the signature to measure customer experience with recent customer support interactions, product experiences, or any other touchpoints. You can trigger them at regular intervals or automate them to be sent after certain events like ticket closure, transaction.

3. In-Product surveys

In-Product or In-App Survey Channel helps in enhancing the effectiveness of the your 5 scale rating surveys. You can integrate them throughout the product user journey including Post-purchase, onboarding, bug report, and feature requests.

4. Offline Surveys

You can leverage kiosks surveys and survey app to collect customer feedback using tablets, iPads, and mobile phones in offline mode. These can be set up at different locations in your physical stores. For example, you can set up 1-5 scale survey template using a kiosk set up at the check out counter to measure your restaurant or hotel guest experience with various aspects of your services.

Key Features of 1 to 5 Scale Survey Template

Here are some of the crucial features of 1 to 5 Scale Survey Template you can leverage with Zonka Feedback.

  1. Full Survey Customization - Choose between classic 5-point scales or tailor the length to fit your specific needs. Add follow up metrics scales like NPS question to measure customer loyalty. Integrate your brand seamlessly with logos, colors, and custom fonts for a cohesive and engaging survey experience. Create dynamic surveys by adding branching logic that adapts the survey based on responses, leading to richer data and smoother user experience.
  2. Multi-lingual Surveys - Craft surveys in over 45 languages to connect with diverse audiences and boost response rates. Analyze responses seamlessly across languages, identifying common trends and regional concerns with ease.
  3. Real-time Alerts - Monitor feedback as it arrives, receiving instant notifications via Slack, SMS, MS Teams, or email to address emerging issues promptly. Prioritize concerns based on sentiment and frequency, allowing teams to focus on areas with the highest impact.
  4. Reports and Analytics - Aggregate responses from all channels into a unified inbox for easy access and analysis. Dive deep with powerful reports, exploring trends, text analysis, team performance, and more to uncover hidden patterns and actionable insights.
  5. Seamless Workflows Automation - Trigger targeted workflows based on responses. Send reminders, assign tasks, or initiate feedback-based communication to efficiently close the loop. Connect with your favorite tools like CRMs and Helpdesks via native integrations or custom APIs, streamlining data flow and fostering collaboration.

1 to 5 Scale Survey Template FAQs

  • 1. What are 5 scale surveys and how do they differ from Likert Scale surveys?

    5 scale surveys, similar to Likert Scale surveys, use a 5-point rating system to gauge opinions and feedback. However, they may not always involve statements and agreement levels like "Strongly Agree" to "Strongly Disagree" found in Likert scales. Instead, they often present simple questions with numbered response options ranging from 1 (lowest) to 5 (highest), representing various degrees of satisfaction, agreement, or importance.

  • 2. What are the benefits of using 5 scale rating questionnaires?

    1. Simplicity: Easy to create and understand, making them accessible to a wider audience.

    2. Quick Response: Respondents can answer quickly and efficiently, leading to higher completion rates.

    3. Quantitative Data: Generate quantifiable data suitable for analysis and comparison.

    4. Versatility: Adaptable to various topics and industries, from customer satisfaction to employee engagement.

  • 3. When should I use a 1 to 5 scale survey template?

    These templates are ideal for situations where:

    1. You want quick and straightforward feedback.

    2. The topic is simple and doesn't require nuanced levels of agreement.

    3. You need to reach a diverse audience with varying comfort levels with surveys.

    4. You want to gather quantifiable data for statistical analysis.

  • 4. What types of questions can I ask in a 1 to 5 scale survey?

    1. Satisfaction: "How satisfied are you with...?" (product, service, experience)

    2. Agreement: "To what extent do you agree with...?" (statement, opinion)

    3. Importance: "How important is...?" (feature, benefit)

    4. Frequency: "How often do you...?" (use a product, experience a certain issue)

  • 5. Can I combine 1 to 5 ratings with open-ended questions?

    Absolutely! Combining these formats provides quantitative data and deeper qualitative insights through additional comments. Encourage respondents to elaborate on their ratings with follow-up questions.

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