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Customer Attitudes Survey Template

Understanding your customers’ needs and concerns can make or break your business. Use this Customer Attitudes Survey Template to get real insights into how your customer feels towards certain products and product categories. Discover how they approach your business, and how you compare to competitors.

Understanding Customer Attitudes Survey Template

Understanding your customers needs and requirements towards your product is essential to provide a robust solution. The customer attitudes survey template helps you know your customers better.

We have designed the template in a way that not only provides you with real customer insights or how your customer feels about a product. But also how they approach your business and how you compare them to your competitors. You will get to know why they purchased your product at first or why you should purchase the product again. This template helps you in retrieving information about your product development strategy or shaping your marketing messaging.

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List of Customer Attitudes Survey Questions

The following questions are included in the Customer Attitudes Survey Template:

  • What first attracted you to the product?
  • How do you think we compare to other similar products on the market?
  • Would you purchase it again?
  • What could we have done better in order to improve your experience?
  • How would you rate the product overall?
  • Just before we finish, could you tell us a little about you?
  • How do you identify?
  • And finally, how old are you?

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