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Employee diversity survey template

Use this template to ask and check your workforce diversity. Ask questions around gender, ethnicity, and languages spoken.

Understanding Employee Diversity Survey Template

Diversity is considered a critical element of successful business and ethical work practices. Employee diversity ensures having a team of employees with various backgrounds. The employee diversity survey template is designed to clearly understand where your employees fit in so that you can:

  • Better understand where you need to work to build more representation
  • Better understand whether your current employees have special needs that you should be working to support.

To create a survey using the Employee diversity survey template, just sign up or sign in to Zonka Feedback. You’ll be able to choose this template when you begin creating your feedback form or survey. Customize it today and start sharing!

List of Employee Diversity Survey Questions

The following questions are included in Employee diversity survey Template:

  • What's your gender identity?
  • What's your racial or ethnic identity?
  • How old are you? 
  • What languages do you speak at home?
  • Are you a parent or caretaker of children?
  • Do you consider yourself a first-generation college graduate?

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