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Makeup Consultation Form Template

<p>Personalize customer experience as per the makeup preferences of your clients, their skin type, makeup style, and other requirements by collecting their details with this Makeup Consultation Form Template. Use this carefully curated form template to know your client's liking before they arrive at your salon. </p>
<h3> Understanding Makeup Consultation Form Template</h3><p>Knowing the personal makeup preferences, makeup style, and other details about the client before they get to your salon can help you personalize your offerings for a better experience. With the Makeup Consultation Form Template, you can quickly capture the important information before booking their appointment itself.</p><p> The template comprises seven questions. It will help you gauge important information before they book an appointment with your salon. It will take less than 90 seconds for your clients to complete the survey. Plus, when it asks about their skin type, makeup style, and other preferences, customers would want to share their details. Any customer coming in for a makeup treatment would want the providers to know about their skin type and if they have any particular allergies.</p><p> You can use this Makeup consultation form template as it is in your email or SMS surveys or you can modify them to add or subtract some questions as per your requirements. All you need to do is sign in with Zonka Feedback and choose the Makeup Consultation Form Template to start creating your feedback form and surveys. </p>

List of Makeup Consultation Form Questions

The following questions are included in this Makeup Consultation Form Template.

  • What's your full name?
  • Let's find out more about what makeup look you'd like. What is your makeup for?
  • What style of makeup do you prefer?
  • What's your skin type?
  • Do you have any allergies we should be aware of?
  • When would you like your appointment?
  • What's your phone number?

If you are also looking to collect more client details about their product choices and more before their salon appointment, you can add more questions to the Makeup Consultation Form Template. You can also integrate this template into your tools and pass data while taking feedback using this Makeup Consultation Form Template.

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