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Management Performance Survey Template

Gain insights into the employees' view of the overall management of the company, what they expect, and how they rate its performance. Try this Management performance survey template to know how your employees feel about the managers and leadership and what areas they feel you can improve your overall management performance on.

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Understanding Management Performance Survey Template

Every management needs to know how its employees are feeling towards its effectiveness in managing them. With the Management Performance Survey Template, you can directly ask your employees a number of questions to voice their opinion on the management performance.

Our Management Performance Survey Template captures your employees' score on different matters like employees comfort level in voicing concerns to supervisors, clarity on business plan, explanations pertaining to change in goals or decisions, if their expectations are realistic, and more. It is a simple template that just asks the employees to choose the ratings and can be filled in minute max.

You can try this Management Performance Survey Template to gauge your the valuable insight of your employees and how how satisfied they are with the management.

List of Management Performance Survey Questions

The following questions are included in this Management Performance Survey Template.

  • How comfortable do you feel voicing your concerns to the supervisor?
  • How clearly does your supervisor explain the company's business plans?
  • What decisions or goals change, how often does your supervisor explain to you why this happened?
  • How realistic are the expectations of your supervisor?
  • How well does the management handle political issues that affect the company?
  • How effective is management at public relations?
  • How effectively does your supervisor use company resources?
  • How well does your supervisor handle employee problems?
  • What does management need to do to improve its performance?

If you are also looking to collect more information from your employees about their satisfaction level with your management and its performance, you can give this Management Performance Survey Template a try. In case you want to collect employee details along with their insights, you can add questions asking their name, department, and more in the template. You can also integrate this template into your tools and pass data while taking feedback using this Management Performance Survey Template.

Sign Up on Zonka Feedback for free and try this Management Performance Survey Template to understand your employees' satisfaction level with the management.

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