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Manager Feedback Template

Managers also need feedback from their juniors to know how strongly they are performing as leaders. It asks the respondents to share their feedback on the manager's way of working in terms of their clarity on expectations, accountability for performance, listening skills, taking responsibility, and more.

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Understanding Manager Feedback Template

Managers are always at the giving end when it comes to feedback. They analyze their team's performance and share their scope of growth, areas of improvement, and more. But at time, managers also need to gain the invaluable feedback from the team they are supervising to grow professionally and find out where they can improve.

With the Manager Feedback Template, managers can quickly capture feedback from their juniors and gain their review from the team's perspective. It is a simple yet all-inclusive template that will allow you to gain important details about the working style of the manager. In just seven questions, it captures the essential essence of leadership imparted by the manager. It asks about how they motivate their team, is they hold the members responsible for good performance, if their expectations are clear, how good of a listener they are, and more.

You can create your Manager Feedback survey by simply signing in or signing up on Zonka Feedback. You can find the Manager Feedback Template and start creating your survey.

List of Manager Feedback Survey Questions

The following questions are included in this Manager Feedback Template.

  • I hold all members of our team accountable for high performance.
  • I set clear expectations for your work.
  • I know what motivates you.
  • I am a good listener.
  • I take responsibility for my own actions.
  • I am open to receiving feedback.
  • I promote the work you do and its impact.

You can add more questions to ask the respondent's details like their name, department, and more. However, this Manager Feedback survey works best when asked anonymously.

Sign Up on Zonka Feedback for free and try this Manager Feedback Template to know about your managers from your team's perspective and find out areas where they can improve or their accomplishments that you can celebrate.

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