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Meeting Feedback Survey Template

Never let your meetings turn out to be unproductive or just a waste of time. Collect feedback about the meeting and improve the experience as per the response. Use the Meeting Feedback Survey Template to know how other members felt about the meeting and what they feel could be better.

Understanding Meeting Feedback Survey Template

Many employees feel that majority of the meetings could simply have been an email. They deem them to be a waste of time and unproductive. Don't let your meeting be termed that. The Meeting Feedback Survey Template lets you collect feedback from your meeting members to share their opinion on how they think it went.

You can ask them if they found the meeting productive, their satisfaction level with the meeting outcome, areas of improvement, and where exactly the meeting could've been better. This information can help you enhance the experience and make the upcoming meetings more productive.

The Meeting Feedback Survey Template is an easy and quick way to capture the feedback. It comes with six quick questions asking employees about their opinion and how they'd like the meetings to be improved.

To try the survey, you can sign in or sign up with Zonka Feedback and look for the Meeting Feedback Survey Template. Just check out the questions and start collecting your meeting feedback.

List of Meeting Feedback Survey Questions

The following questions are included in this Meeting Feedback SurveyTemplate.

  • Please select the date when it was held
  • How productive was the meeting?
  • How satisfied were you with the result of the meeting?
  • What could have been done better?
  • Talking about meetings in general, what do you think we should change?
  • Can you elaborate?

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