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Online Geography Quiz Template

This Online Geography Quiz Template is specially designed for teachers that want to quickly assess the knowledge of their students. There are five geography questions about popular world geography in the quiz that'll help you evaluate your students or even run a geography competition.

Understanding the Online Geography Quiz Template

Creating your own online geography quiz has become quick and easy with this Online Geography Quiz Template. It is designed specifically to keep the teachers and current curriculum in mind.

The Online Geography Quiz Template has five questions asking world geography questions like the longest river, deepest point, largest single volcano, and more. Teachers can either use this online template as it is or customize the geography quiz template to add more questions to change the existing ones.

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List of Online Geography Quiz Questions

The following questions are included in this Online Geography Quiz Template.

  • Which is the longest river in the world?
  • Which is the deepest point on Earth?
  • Which is the world's largest single volcano?
  • Can you name the only sea without any coasts?
  • Do you know the driest place on Earth?

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