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Online Science Quiz Template

Evaluate your student's science knowledge using the Online Science Quiz Template. This template covers questions on different branches of science like physics, biology, and chemistry.

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Understanding the Online Science Quiz Template

Creating fun yet educational science quiz is made easier and quicker with this Online Science Quiz Template by Zonka Feedback. Teachers can use this template to conduct science quizzes or evaluate their students about their science knowledge. It asks students about different science stuff like gas in a light bulb, the largest lizard species, the hottest planet in the solar system, and more.

This Online Science Quiz Template comes with nine questions covering different branches of science like biology, chemistry, physics, and more. You can use this template to send out to your students. It also captures student's names to help assess each student individually.

Try the Online Science Quiz Template designed by Zonka Feedback to evaluate students' science knowledge.

List of Online Science Quiz Questions

The following questions are included in this Online Science Quiz Template.

  • Before we get started, what's your name?
  • What gas are light bulbs often filled with?
  • What is the largest species of lizard alive today? 
  • Now what are the first six decimal places of Pi?
  • And which planet in our solar system is the hottest?
  • What are light-years used to measure?
  • And what are the brightest objects in the universe?
  • What units are typically used to measure electrical resistance?
  • What is vitamin B3 also known as?

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