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Online Training Feedback Form

The Online Training Feedback Form is designed to help educators and trainers to capture feedback from the attendees about the training. Be it an educational session, employee training, or online course, get actionable insights from the valuable feedback of your training attendees using this Online Training Feedback Form.

Understanding Online Training Feedback Form

Want to know how your training session for the online course went? Was it useful for the attendees? Is there anything they'd like to change about it? Find out answers to all these questions using the Online Training Feedback Form.

The Online Training Feedback Form is designed to help educators capture honest feedback from the attendees. It asks for their name and how they'd rate the training on parameters like overall course, learning objectives, information relevance, practical knowledge, and more. You can also ask about the things they'd like to change and how it would benefit them.


The Online Training Feedback Form designed by Zonka Feedback can help you gather insights from your attendees about the training or online course. Check it out now by signing in or signing up with Zonka Feedback.

List of Online Training Feedback Form Questions

The following questions are included in this Online Training Feedback Form.

  • What can I call you?
  • How did you like the course you took?
  • Did the course help you achieve your learning objectives?
  • Did the course pack cover all the information relevant to the subject matter?
  • Did the course equip you with practical knowledge relevant to the field?
  • Were teaching aids used effectively?
  • If there is one thing you can change about the course, what would it be?

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