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Open House Feedback Form

The Open House Feedback Form can help realtors collect actionable insights from the interested buyers about the property, listing price, best property features, and more. Property owners can also use this form to collect feedback from realtors about the possibility of selling the house to a client.

Understanding the Open House Feedback Form

The Open House Feedback Form is designed to help realtors and property owners collect insightful feedback from those attending the house tour. It can help you find out if your house tour was satisfactory or if it needs any changes. The insights collected from this feedback can also help showcase the best areas of your house first to make a sale faster.

You can send out the Open House Feedback Form to your potential buyers or to your realtors and brokers who attended the open house tour. To try out the Open House Feedback Form, sign in or sign up with Zonka Feedback now.

List of Open House Feedback Form Questions

The following questions are included in this Open House Feedback Form.

  • What do we call you?
  • Did you find the tour satisfactory?
  • Do you see yourself living here?
  • What did you like the most about this home?
  • What is the likelihood of you showing this home to a client?
  • What is your opinion on the listing price?

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