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Organizational Culture Survey Template

The Organizational Culture Survey Template enables organizations to assess their company culture from the eyes of their employees. It assesses the organizational culture on different parameters like ways to accomplish success, decision making process, organization's dedication, and more.

Understanding the Organizational Culture Survey Template

Company culture is important for any organization in order to strengthen its image and offer greater satisfaction to its employees. The template is designed with questions that help reflect back on the culture better.

The Organizational Culture Survey Template can be sent out to employees to ask them their opinion on the company's culture. It comes with questions about ways to accomplish success, a decision-making approach, an organization's dedication, and the organization's definition of success.

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List of Organizational Culture Survey Questions

The following questions are included in this Organizational Culture Survey Template.

  • When all is said and done, the way we accomplish success in this organization is
  • How do we primarily make decisions in this organization?
  • How dedicated is your organization According to you, how does organization define "success"

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