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Post Transaction Feedback

The moment of purchasing is quite crucial for the customer and if the checkout process is seamless then there is a high chance that a customer will recommend your service. Prevent customer churn in the longer run. Use this template & get started by gathering feedback.

Why use the Post Transaction Feedback Template? 

Here are some benefits of using a post-transaction feedback template: 

How to use the Post Transaction Feedback Template? 

The Post Transaction Feedback Template is a free template available in Zonka Feedback. To use this template, follow these steps. 

Popular Ways to use the Post Transaction Feedback Template 

The best way to take feedback from your product users and customers is within your product. You can embed the Post Transaction Feeback within your product using the following channels: 

Ready to take it a step further?

To run a post-transaction survey with Zonka Feedback, click on the ‘Use this template’ button and set up your account. You’ll then be able to select a customer experience (Website Feedback) in this case. 

You can connect your survey to a third-party tool via integrations for deeper data analysis and more. Make sure to check all our integration options to see if we have your favourite tool present. 

Then, distribute the post-transaction survey via email, link, website, mobile app or web app. Once the responses start coming in, you can check them in your dashboard. You can also set up Slack notifications and get answers delivered to your inbox. 

List of Post Transaction Feedback Questions

The following questions are included in this Post Transaction Template.

  • How was your purchase experience with us today? 

  • Sorry to know that your experience wasn't great. If there’s one thing we could do to improve your shopping experience with us what would it be? 

  • We'd love to know what worked well for you during the transaction. 

FAQs about Post Transaction Feedback Template

1. What is a post-transaction survey? 

A post-transaction survey asks the respondents how they felt about their recent purchase. With this template, you can collect customer feedback about the strongest and weakest points of your purchase process. They are a right fit for web surveys for e-commerce stores as a pop-up appears right after a transaction is done. 

2. What are some ideal post-transaction survey questions? 

Post transaction survey allows you to know how satisfied are your customers after the transaction is done. Here are few questions you can include: 

  • How would you rate your shopping experience?

  • What did you like/dislike most about the purchasing process?

  • What can we do to improve your experience? 

  • How fast was the shipping time? 

3. Where can I use this post-transaction feedback template?

At your touchpoint, you can use a QR code. Another method is to send an email or SMS survey to the customer as soon as the service is completed. If you do not have access to the internet, you can conduct offline surveys using kiosks, mobile devices, or tablets. 

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