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Post Transaction Feedback Form Template

Measure customer satisfaction with their transaction experience post-purchase with your business and make feedback-driven improvements using this Post Transaction Feedback Form Template.

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Post-transaction feedback surveys are an ideal way to allow your customers to share their feedback regarding their experience of doing any transaction with your business like shopping, bill payment, or any other transaction. It helps you to measure customer satisfaction, identify issues that your customers may face, improve your checkout process, and ensure a seamless transaction and shopping experience for the customers.

Questions Included in Post-Transaction Feedback Form

This Post-Transaction Survey Template includes the following questions to enable you to collect post-transaction feedback and gauge customer satisfaction with their shopping experience with your business.

  1. 1. How satisfied are you with your recent transaction?
  2. 2. Did you encounter any issues or challenges during the transaction?
    • Yes
    • No
  3. 3. Please select the relevant options below about the challenges you faced.
    • I didn’t face any challenge
    • Technical difficulties
    • Confusing interface
    • Payment processing issues
    • Others
  4. 4. Please elaborate the issue you faced.
  5. 5. How likely are you to recommend purchasing from us to your friends and colleagues?
    (NPS Question with 0 to 10 rating scale)

You can easily customize this post-transaction feedback form by adding, removing, or modifying the questions in this template and create your post-purchase survey as per your survey requirements. Here are some examples of post-purchase survey questions that you can consider adding to your survey.

  1. 1. Were you adequately informed about the status of your transaction throughout the process?
    • Very well informed
    • Well informed
    • Neutral
    • Not very well informed
    • Not at all informed
  2. 2. How user-friendly did you find our website/platform during the transaction?
    • Very user-friendly
    • Somewhat user-friendly
    • Neutral
    • Not very user-friendly
    • Not at all user-friendly
  3. 3. How satisfied are you with the delivery time and shipping process?
    • Very satisfied
    • Satisfied
    • Neutral
    • Dissatisfied
    • Very dissatisfied
  4. 4. Are there any specific areas where you think we could improve the overall transaction experience?
    • Website navigation
    • Communication clarity
    • Product information
    • Checkout process
    • Customer support
    • Others
  5. 5. Based on this transaction, how likely are you to make another purchase from us in the future
    • Very likely
    • Likely
    • Neutral
    • Unlikely
    • Very unlikely
  6. 6. Is there anything else you would like to share about your experience or any other feedback you'd like us to know?
    (Open-ended text box for customers to provide detailed feedback and comments.)

These questions cover a range of sentiments and allow respondents to express their opinions and experiences with varying degrees of satisfaction. However, you can also customize these post-purchase survey questions as per the nature of your business and your survey needs.

How to Use Zonka Feedback’s Free Post-Transaction Feedback Form Template?

Leverage Zonka Feedback’s Free Post-Transaction Feedback Form Template to gather crucial insights into customer satisfaction following a transaction. This step-by-step guide will help you maximize the benefits of this template:

  1. Edit this Template: Click on 'Edit this Template' to access the Post-Transaction Feedback Form Template. You'll be directed to the editing interface, allowing you to modify the template according to your specific survey requirements.
  2. Customize the Template: While in editing mode, tailor the template to your unique needs. Incorporate post-transaction and post-purchase survey questions that delve into different aspects of the transaction process, such as availability of enough payment options, experience with the payment gateway, speed and smoothness of the overall process, and clarity of communication, and overall experience.
    Consider asking questions like “How satisfied are you with the options available for making payments?”
  3. Review and Adjust: Take a moment to review the customized post-transaction customer feedback survey. Ensure that the post-purchase survey questions are clear and relevant to your transaction process. Adjust the survey flow to align with your specific workflow, making it easy for customers to understand and respond.
  4. Share the Survey: When you have done all the customizations in the template and your survey is ready to go, distribute the survey to your customers using various channels. You can use multiple channels for this purpose:

Key Features of Post Transaction Feedback Form Template

Creating and conducting impactful post-transaction surveys can be a challenging task, but with the right feedback tool, the process becomes streamlined, allowing you to gather valuable insights from your customers. Zonka Feedback stands out as a robust tool for post-transaction or post-purchase surveys, offering powerful features tailored to enhance your feedback collection process:

  1. Customizable Post-Transaction Template: Elevate your post-transaction feedback survey using Zonka Feedback's customizable templates. Tailor pre-built templates to address various aspects of the transaction process, allowing you to modify post-purchase survey questions based on your survey objectives and specific touchpoints in the customer journey.
  2. Skip Logic and Question Branching for Intelligent Surveys: Navigate through post-transaction feedback intelligently with Zonka Feedback's skip logic and question branching. Customize the survey flow based on customer responses, ensuring a personalized and efficient survey experience for each participant.
  3. Real-time Feedback Alerts and Notifications: Stay proactive in addressing post-transaction feedback with Zonka's automatic response alerts and notifications. Receive instant alerts for incoming feedback or negative responses, enabling prompt resolution of concerns and enhancing overall customer satisfaction.
  4. Multiple-channel distribution: Seamlessly distribute post-transaction and post-purchase surveys through email, SMS, website, or offline surveys. This flexibility ensures that you capture insights from customers at different stages of their post-transaction experience, depending upon the channels through which the transaction is done. For example, website surveys are best after online transactions through the website and you can trigger email and SMS surveys. Also, for on-premises transactions, you can use devices like smartphones, tablets, or kiosks to collect post-transaction feedback.
  5. Automated Workflows for Timely Surveys: Streamline the post-transaction user journey with Zonka Feedback's automated workflows. Trigger surveys at different touchpoints during and after the transaction, capturing valuable insights at key moments of the customer's post-purchase experience.
  6. Closing the Feedback Loop for Continuous Improvement: Move beyond mere data collection with Zonka Feedback's actionable feedback loop. Take informed actions based on received post-transaction customer feedback, effectively closing the loop and ensuring a continuous cycle of improvement for your services based on customer insights and preventing customer churn.

Question Types to Include in the Post-Transaction Survey Template

Constructing a robust post-transaction or post-purchase survey involves incorporating diverse question types to extract thorough insights from your customers. Explore various question formats to create a well-rounded survey tailored to the specific needs of post-transaction feedback.

1. Rating Scale Questions

Evaluate the satisfaction of customers following a transaction using Customer Satisfaction (CSAT) rating questions. Utilize a five-point rating scale with options represented through adjectives (Excellent to Poor), self-explanatory smileys, star ratings, numbers, and more. Explore options such as:

Clearly defined and consistent scales, such as 1 to 5, empower users to effortlessly express their satisfaction levels regarding the post-transaction experience.

2. Open-ended Questions

Gain in-depth insights into customers' post-transaction experiences by incorporating open-ended questions. Encourage respondents to provide feedback on the reasons behind their ratings, capturing complaints, suggestions, and special experiences they may want to share.

Analyzing open-ended responses provides a deeper understanding of customer sentiments, helping identify areas for improvement in the shopping and transaction process and meeting customer expectations.

3. Multiple Choice Questions

Streamline feedback collection with efficient multiple-choice questions in your post-transaction or post-purchase surveys. Offer single or multiple response options, incorporate ranking questions to gauge preferences, and organize the survey for standardized analysis. For example:

"Among the aspects of this transaction, which ones do you find most satisfying?"

  • Product quality
  • Customer service
  • Delivery speed
  • Payment process

By incorporating these diverse question types into your post-transaction feedback survey, you can gather comprehensive insights to enhance and optimize various aspects of the transaction process.

Post Transaction Feedback Form Template FAQs

  • 1. What is a Post-Transaction Feedback Form Template?

    A Post-Transaction Feedback Form Template is a pre-designed survey format specifically tailored to collect feedback from customers after they have completed a transaction with your business. It aims to measure customer satisfaction and identify areas for improvement in the transaction process.

  • 2. Why is Post-Transaction Feedback Importan?

    Post-Transaction Feedback is crucial as it provides insights into customer satisfaction levels and helps businesses understand the strengths and weaknesses of their transaction processes. This feedback allows for targeted improvements, ensuring a seamless and satisfactory experience for customers.

  • 3. How can Post-Transaction Feedback Surveys Benefit My Business?

    Post-Transaction Feedback Surveys offer several benefits, including:
    1. Identifying areas for improvement in the transaction process.
    2. Gauging customer satisfaction and loyalty.
    3. Addressing issues promptly and preventing potential customer churn.
    4. Enhancing the overall customer experience.

  • 4. What Questions Should I Include in a Post-Transaction Feedback Survey?

    A well-rounded Post-Transaction Feedback Survey should include questions about overall satisfaction, encountered challenges, likelihood of future purchases, and specific aspects of the transaction process such as website usability and delivery satisfaction.

  • 5. How Can I Customize this Post-Transaction Template?

    Customizing the Zonka Feedback Post-Transaction Template is easy. Simply click on 'Edit this Template' to access the template in the editing interface. From there, you can add, remove, or modify questions based on your specific survey requirements.

  • 6. How Can I Distribute Post-Transaction Surveys to Customers?

    Zonka Feedback offers multiple channels for the distribution of post-purchase surveys. You can trigger email surveys or SMS surveys immediately after a transaction, use in-app surveys for app-based transactions, and leverage website feedback widgets like popups and slide-ups for online transactions.

  • 7. What is Skip Logic and Question Branching in Zonka Feedback?

    Skip Logic and Question Branching in Zonka Feedback allow you to customize the survey flow based on customer responses. This ensures a personalized and efficient survey experience, adapting to the unique feedback journey of each participant.

  • 8. Does Zonka Feedback help me to take action on feedback?

    Yes, Zonka Feedback is equipped with features like real-time feedback alerts and notifications to let you address feedback on time and take instant action to close the feedback loop and improve customer experience.

  • 9. Is Zonka Feedback's Post-Transaction Template Mobile-Friendly?

    Yes, all templates of Znka Feedback are designed to be mobile-friendly, ensuring that customers can easily provide feedback using various devices, including smartphones and tablets.

  • 10. Can I try Zonka Feedback for free?

    Yes, Zonka Feedback offers a free trial for 7 days. Try it for free and see how it helps you collect actionable customer feedback and leverage it to boost customer satisfaction, invite more transitions and grow your business.

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