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Product Demo Request Template

Businesses use demo request forms to gather information from potential customers about their interest in creating a website. Use our Product Demo Request Form template to organise and send all of the information required to begin developing a website for your company or organisation.

How to use the Product Demo Request Form Template? 

The Product Demo Request Form Template is a free template available in Zonka Feedback. To use this template, follow these steps. 

  • Create your free trial account at Zonka Feedback

  • From the onboarding screen, choose ‘Product Experience’ 

  • From the templates on the right-hand side, choose ‘Product Demo Request’. Preview the Template and if you’re happy with the questions, click on ‘Use this Template’ 

  • Now you can edit and customize the survey, add or modify questions, themes, languages and survey settings. 

  • Once your survey is ready, you can distribute the survey to your users and customers to gather their feedback. 

Popular Ways to use the Product Demo Request Form Template 

The best way to take feedback from your product users and customers is within your product. You can embed the Request a Demo template within your product using the following channels: 

  • Side Tab Button or Feedback Button: Display a Feedback button for your logged in users at the right or left hand side of your platform.

  • Pop-ups: Use conditional pop-ups to capture feedback.

  • Pop-over Widget: It is a cool way of making product satisfaction surveys part of your feedback.

  • Slide Out/ Slide Up: Display an even from the bottom of the screen. 

Ready to take it a step further?

First of all, Zonka Feedback’s templates are beautiful and highly customizable. You can add your company’s logo anywhere on the template, tweak fonts, or add a custom background image. It is easier to create a survey in minutes using our Request for Demo template that your customers would enjoy filling out.  

Secondly, Zonka's Feedback is amazingly extensible. You might leverage a lot of integrations to automatically synchronize your data with apps like Google Sheets and more. Don't let your customers wait for the demo request, know what they want in advance by sending them out the survey. 

Questions in Demo Request Form Template

The following questions are included in our Request a Demo template.

  • What is the best time for us to call you?

  • What's your phone number?

  • In what order would you like to see this demo product?

  • Company email.

FAQs about Demo Request  Form Template

1. How do I make changes to a Request for Demo template?

With this demo request form template, you can convert website visitors into potential customers. There's no need for specialised knowledge—just drag and drop elements to customise the form to your specifications. Text areas, formatted phone numbers, radio buttons, and Likert scales are just a few of the options available. You can even include your colleagues on every request with configurable notifications.

2. Where can I use this Demo Request Form Template?

You can use a QR code at your touchpoint. Another way is by triggering an email or SMS survey as soon as the service provided to the customer is completed. If you don’t have an internet connection, you can use offline surveys via kiosks, mobile or tablets. 

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