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SaaS Onboarding Survey Template

The SaaS Onboarding Survey Template helps you capture information about the users and what made them turn to your product. It has key onboarding survey questions to help you deliver the required assistance they might need with the product.

Understanding the SaaS Onboarding Survey Template

SaaS companies need to find out who is using their products and what type of assistance they can offer for it. You can engage with the users as they onboard onto your SaaS product.

With the SaaS Onboarding Survey Template, you can quickly ask the personal details like the main contact using the product and email address. Additionally, it has onboarding survey questions for your SaaS product, like if they need an in-house product export or not. You can also use this user onboarding survey for SaaS to ask the users what made them purchase your product.

The SaaS Onboarding Survey Template enables businesses to make the onboarding onto the SaaS product better while also fetching you crucial data about the customers. You can try out the template yourself by signing in or signing up with Zonka Feedback.

List of SaaS Onboarding Survey Questions

The following questions are included in this SaaS Onboarding Survey Template.

  • First up, who’s your main contact?
  • Please fill in their email address
  • Do you need an in-house product expert?
  • Finally, why did you choose us?

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