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Salesperson Evaluation Survey Template

The Salesperson Evaluation Survey Template gathers feedback from your customers about their interaction with the sales representative. It collects data about the sales person's behavior with the customer, their promptness, level of assistance, and if they were able to help them make a purchase.

Understanding the Salesperson Evaluation Survey Template

The Salesperson Evaluation Survey Template consists of 10 simple questions to collects feedback about the sales representative. You can find out ratings of the salesperson on different parameters like product knowledge, promptness in approaching, courteousness, and attentiveness. Moreover, you can also use the performance evaluation form to assess the satisfaction level of customers on customer service, performance, and their overall services.

The Salesperson Evaluation Survey Template can be used instantaneously to collect crucial data about your salesperson's behavior from the customers themselves. To use this template, you can simply sign up on Zonka Feedback for a free trial. 

How to Use Salesperson Evaluation Survey Template?

Mobile/Tablet: You can use mobile/tablet survey devices in the case of door-to-door sales. The salesperson can prompt the customer to share feedback on the already loaded survey on the mobile or tablet screen.

Email/SMS: In cold calling or on-call sales, email and SMS surveys can be sent after the call ends so customers can quickly share feedback.

Live Chat: If the sales are conducted via live chat on your website, feedback can be collected through live chat surveys that can be automatically triggered in the chat window as soon as the session ends. 

List of Salesperson Evaluation Survey Questions

The following questions are included in this Sales Representative Evaluation Form: 

  • Please indicate your opinion of the following statements about [STORE] salespersons: 
    They are knowledgeable about the products they sell. 
    They promptly approach customers as soon as they enter the store. 
    They are courteous. 
    They are attentive. 
  • How satisfied are you with the following: 
    Customer Service 
    Salespersons' Performance Overall 
  • How long did you have to wait before a salesperson approached you?
  • Did you get all the information from the salesperson [Name] regarding the product or service?
  • Did the salesperson help you to make a purchase?
  • Did the salesperson answer all your questions?
  • Any extra feedback you'd like to share with us?

Sign Up on Zonka Feedback for free and try this Salesperson Evaluation Survey Template to understand what your clients think about your sales team and find out ways to improve the sales services.


Why you need a salesperson evaluation survey?

It helps collect authentic customer feedback and measure agent performance accurately for appraisals and training needs.

What to include in a salesperson evaluation survey?

  • Please rate the customer service.
  • Please select what stood out for you. [Knowledge/Politeness/Patience/Attentiveness]
  • How long did you wait before the salesperson approached you?
  • Please share feedback in your own words. 

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