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School Climate Survey Template

School Climate Survey Template is designed to help school administration improve its relationship with students, find out areas of improvement, and ways they can do better. It collects ratings from parents about school-parent communication, homework for students, personal support to students, knowledge imparted, and more.

Understanding the School Climate Survey Template

Collecting feedback about the students' experience at the school can help the school administration to deliver better. The school climate questionnaire for students can be filled up by the parents for better data collection.

The climate survey template for school comprises seven simple questions. It asks the parents about their ward's class, school rating, teacher's effectiveness, homework, and more. You can use this template for your student feedback survey to quickly collect feedback from parents on their thoughts on the way your school is imparting education, ensuring student safety, and maintaining student-teacher relations.

This school climate survey form template can be quickly implemented to help you collect the required feedback from parents. To use this School Climate Survey Template, you can simply sign in or sign up with Zonka Feedback and get started.

List of School Climate Survey Questions

The following questions are included in this School Climate Survey Template.

  • Which classes are your children in?
  • How would you rate the school overall?
  • Do you believe the teachers are providing effective and productive lessons?
  • What do you think about the amount of homework your children receive?
  • How supported do you feel your children are on a personal level?
  • To what extent do you believe our school is a safe and welcoming place?
  • How would you rate the communication between the school and parents?

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