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Wage Gap Evaluation Survey Template

Our wage gap evaluation survey template allows employers to know what employers think about the wage policy in the company. This easy to use survey template can be customized to get the desired feedback.


Measure the Wage Gap in your organization with our survey template.

Do your employees feel they are getting paid fairly? Check this by using our wage gap evaluation survey template. Employees get a chance to express their views, the payment process is transparent enough. 

You can use this survey: 

  • If you are struggling with retention.
  • Your company is facing scrutiny about compensation practices.
  • When employees have expressed dissatisfaction. 
  • When you want to invest in the wellness of the employees.

Sharing this survey template is quick. Share it via email, webapp or during performance reviews. Customize the survey according to your requirements and share the link with the employees.

To create a survey using the Event Lead Capture Form, just sign up or sign in to Zonka Feedback. You’ll be able to choose this Survey Template when you begin creating your feedback form or survey.

List of Wage Gap Evaluation Survey Template

The following questions are included in this Webinar Feedback Form Template.

  • Promotion decisions are fair at my company.
  • My job performance is evaluated fairly.
  • I feel that my compensation is fair, relative to similar roles at my company.
  • All employees have an equal opportunity.
  • Which do you think is true at this company? For doing similar types of work, on average.
  • How much of a priority is gender diversity to you, yourself?
  • What is your gender?
  • Are you a person living with a disability?

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