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Measure Restroom Feedback & Monitor Washroom Hygiene

With a Washroom Feedback System, visitors can easily rate their experience at the Restroom, while your team can track and resolve cleanliness and hygiene issues.

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Washroom Feedback

What you can do with Washroom Feedback System?

Speed up the feedback process and ensure quick turnaround time

Streamline Feedback Process

Digitize the process with Washroom Feedback Surveys with Offline Kiosk Feedback Software.

Monitor Cleanliness & Hygiene

With direct feedback from visitors, remotely track washroom cleanliness, hygiene and issues.

Track real-time issues

Get updated on real time issues like faulty tap, no toilet roll, water spillage and more in real time.

Quicken turnaround time

With real time feedback alerts, improve the turnaround time for issue resolution.

Washroom Feedback Folow Up Question

Washroom Hygiene Surveys

Get Washroom Feedback Rating & Reason

Create logic-based washroom surveys which has a follow-up question to seek the reason for the rating. In reasons, you can include options like No Toilet Paper, Water Spillage, Flush Faulty, Bad Smell, and so on.
This helps in staying updated of issues in real-time and also track trends.

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Why set up Washroom & Toilet Monitor?

Incidents & Issues create perception

Issues, especially recurring issues, like a clogged toilet pipe, malfunctioning flush, faulty tap, water leakage and similar create a bad impression on the visitors.
Issues that make the washroom experience undesirable should be fixed.

Taking Feedback shows Care

When your company makes an effort to take feedback at washrooms and restrooms, it creates an impression on the visitor that you care about their feedback and in maintaining high quality and cleanliness.
Seeking feedback is an indicator of your concern & care.


Helps track Staff Performance

Taking Washroom Feedback directly from customers and visitors is a great way to analyze how well your cleaning staff is doing their job. Using a Washroom Feedback Software, you can track performance by shifts, by persons, by particular days and so on.
This also makes cleaners feel more responsible for their work.


Hygiene highlights Quality

Customers and visitors expect hygiene and cleanliness in all areas of the premises. A dirty washroom is an indicator of uncleanliness and bad quality.
Visitors will distrust your hygiene standards if the washrooms are dirty, be it in a restaurant or office premises.


Get insights and trends

With real-time and historical data in hand, you can draw insights about reasons for customers and visitors' ratings. You can analyze recurring trends and make business decisions to improve the standard of cleanliness.
For example, recurring issue with the tap could be an indicator to change the same. Management decisions can be rested on scientific data than guesswork.

Great for Facilities and Property Management Teams

Zonka Feedback’s Washroom and Restroom Feedback System is great for Facilities and Property Management Teams to measure and monitor their team’s performance at various offices and properties, as well as to keep their clients updated with actions taken to ensure cleanliness and hygiene.

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