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Why Switch to Zonka Feedback

Make your feedback management super smooth and easy with Zonka Feedback’s amazing features. Find out one too many reasons why you need to say goodbye to your current Feedback Management System and sign up for Zonka Feedback!

collect & analyze customer feedback

Better Than Paper

Paper feedback forms are traditional and do not offer much. Zonka replaces paper feedback for the greater good. It helps you not only to collect feedback but do more with customer feedbacks giving you more control on your reputation

  • Cost effective – Save printing and paper costs. Zonka is digital & far more cost-effective than paper feedback forms
  • Enhanced response rates – Paper feedback forms are boring . Zonka helps you get 300% increased response rates
  • Fully customizable forms – Paper forms cannot be customized. Zonka’s tablet feedback form can be fully customized and can be done instantly
  • Interactive forms – Unlike paper feedback forms , Zonka’s tablet feedback forms are interactive and fun to use

Understand Your Customers’ Expectations

Understanding customer’s expectations and improvising in accordance is the core purpose of feedback management. But are you able to do that in the real sense? Zonka’s Feedback analytics gives you deeper understanding on what your customers really want

  • Define your KPIs – Zonka’s detailed reporting system shows you what you should know. Understand and define Key Performance Indicators to score on
  • Taking Actions – Understand customer’s expectation and take informed actions easily using Zonka’s comprehensive response inbox
  • Improve your Customer Ratings – Once you understand and start delivering on your KPIs, your customers start to become your brand advocates

Increased Team Efficiency

Zonka is a collaborative feedback management system. When you work with your team and start delegating responsibilities, it starts resulting into better task management and increased team efficiency

  • Work with your entire team – Working together is more efficient. Get your team on-board on Zonka and move towards increased productivity
  • Better Feedback Management – Convert feedbacks into tasks and assign them to team members. Team at work means no feedback will go unnoticed
  • Measure Staff Performance – As you together with you, Zonka gives you the power of measuring staff performance to identify and reward committed employees