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Multi channel feedback system

Fully loaded Customer Feedback Software & Survey App

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Employee Feedback System

Customizable Surveys

iPad, Android & Kiosk Surveys

Online, Email & SMS Survey

Feedback Manager

Real-time Alerts & Notifications

Detailed Reporting

Core Features

Quick to Setup, Easy to Use

Set up your surveys in less than five minutes. Needs no technical know-how.

NPS, CES 2.0 & CSAT Scores

Run CSAT, CES & NPS Surveys to know customer loyalty, satisfaction & effort.

Real-time Reporting, Alerts and Digest

Get real-time reports, email digests & instant alerts for new feedback and low score.

Multi-Chain, Location Management

Setup multiple locations. View location-based cumulative & comparative reports.

Designed for Customer & Employee Feedback

Take direct feedback from customers and employees with Zonka Feedback.

Feedback Management, Close the Loop

Easily manage feedback, collaborate with team and take action to close feedback.

Multilingual Feedbacks & Surveys

Zonka supports more than 30+ languages. Build multilingual feedback forms.

APIs, Web Hooks and Integrations

Get out-of-the-box integration with Zapier, Twilio, Plivo, custom APIs & more.

Building Forms

Branding & Themes

Change logo, background and colors. Pick themes for the forms.

30+ Question Types & Emoticons

Pick from rating scales, emoticons, drop downs, comment boxes & more!

Professional Templates

40+ ready-to-use templates for all industries, metrics like NPS & CES 2.0.

Skip Logic & Question Branching

Hide and Skip Survey Screens based on logic and make surveys intuitive.

Customize Intro & Thank You Screens

Add and customize introduction and thank you screens in your survey.

Answer Piping, Custom Variables

Insert text from previous question and add custom variables in survey.

Zonka NPS survey app

Customer Satisfaction Surveys, CES & NPS Surveys – all in one feedback app

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Collecting Feedback

iPad & Android Devices

Take employee and customer feedback on iPhone, iPad, Android tablets & Phones. Setup as kiosk or just hand device in-person.


Send emails with survey links to invite customers to give feedback or embed survey questions within email. Track your emails.

Online & Website

Set up responsive online Responsive online surveys work beautifully on both desktop and mobile. Embed feedback form on website.


Send SMS with feedback links of responsive mobile surveys to customers.

Campaign Management

Create and send multiple campaigns of the same feedback form and survey.

Custom Variables

Send surveys with hidden custom variables like name, phone, unique IDs and more.

Contact Management

Upload contacts & save as lists. View respondents and unsubscribers.

Respondent Tracking

Track email and SMS deliveries, survey open rate, response rate and more.

Collect NPS, CES and CSAT Scores

Employee & Customer Net Promoter Score®

Measure customer and employee loyalty, know what they think about your brand and business. Identify your detractors and promoters with NPS Surveys.

CSAT Surveys

Find out if your customers & employees are happy with customized CSAT surveys, identify issues, take action and keep ‘em happy!

Customer Effort Score 2.0

Use CES to identify ineffecient processes and customer service complaints and make it your customer’s experience effortless & happy.

Tablet and Kiosk Surveys

Works on iPads & Android Tablets

Feedback App that seamlessly works on both iOS and Android devices

Face-to-Face, Assisted Feedbacks

Take in-person, face-to-face feedbacks on iPads and Android Tablets

Works Offline

No WiFi is no problem! Take feedback without WiFi and sync later anytime.

Tablet & Kiosk Surveys

Set up tablets as Kiosks

Turn your tablet into a data capturing kiosk – functions without any assistance

Pre-Capture Data

Set up a pre-capture screen to get additional data from staff along with customer feedback.

Remote Device Tracking

Remotely track your devices – their uptime, sync history and current battery status

Online Surveys

Online Survey Tool

Embed on Website

Embed the feedback form in your website – requires no technical knowledge.

Email & SMS Invites

Share the unique survey link via Email & SMS to multiple people for their feedback.

Redirect after completion

Redirect your survey to your website or another URL after completion.

Distribute URL

Web Survey Links are the easiest way to get feedback. Share via email, SMS, Social Media, print it on your signature and more.

Generate QR Code

Copy and print unique feedback form QR code for scanning and giving feedback.

Preset start and end time for surveys

Have a time fixed survey? Set start and end time for the survey.

SMS Surveys

Zonka NPS survey app

Customize your SMS

Customize your SMS text before sending the SMS survey to customers.

Send bulk SMS surveys

Survey multiple people together through Zonka Feedback by uploading phone numbers or picking from pre-uploaded lists.

Import CSV

Copy and paste phone numbers, import CSV or use your pre-uploaded Zonka contact lists.

Send via APis

Trigger SMS surveys via APIs – after delivery, checkout or at any touch point.

SMS Tracking & Logs

Track SMSes sent, their open rate, response rate and more in real-time and view logs.

Send via Twilio or Plivo

Connect to choice of SMS Gateway – Twilio or Plivo to send SMSes.

Closing the Loop

Zonka NPS survey app

Convert Feedbacks into Tasks

Add tasks for each feedback and assign to self or team members

Internal Notes

Add internal notes for individual feedbacks which is viewable by team for reference and details.

Tag, Flag or Mark as Urgent

Add Tags to responses, mark them as urgent or flag them to filter & view easily

Directly Email Customers

Directly email customers from within Zonka while the emails get saved with their feedback responses.

Share Feedback on Social Media

Connect your social media accounts and share feedback received on your social media pages in one click.

View & Track History

View history for all activities done with the feedback response and track it easily. Makes collaboration a breeze!

Real-time Reports & Analytics

Dashboard & Quick Analytics

See quick analytics like responses, score, NPS at a glance on the dashboard with easy to understand graphs.

Survey, Staff & Location Reports

Get survey-based reports, location-based reports and filter by staff. Additionally, see team and staff performance reports.

NPS, CSAT and CES Analysis

View detailed analysis on customer loyalty, satisfaction and ease of working with you.

Drill Down & Advanced Filters

Drill down reports and filter them by advanced filters, based on date, location, time, question, tags & more.

Date & Location Comparative Reports

Compare data across two time periods or multiple locations or both together.

Over time Trends

Understand customer sentiment and comments better with word analysis reports.

Word Analysis

Understand customer sentiment and comments better with word analysis reports.

Save, Schedule & Export to PDF

Save your reports with applied filters and settings, schedule them or export to PDF.

Zonka NPS survey app

Alerts, Notifications and Digests

Instant Email & SMS Alerts

Instant Email & SMS Alerts

Get real-time SMS & Email Alerts for new and low feedback.

Daily, Weekly, Monthly Digests

Schedule daily, weekly, monthly feedback digests in your inbox.

Customize Negative Scores & Alerts

Set negative scores and get instant alerts for negative feedbacks.

APIs, Webhooks & Integrations

API Access & Webhooks

Access Responses and Feedbacks through APIs & Webhooks.

Connect to SMS Gateways

Connect to Twilio & Plivo for SMS Alerts & SMS Surveys.

Connect to Apps through Zapier

Connect to hundreds of apps through Zonka-Zapier Integration.

Get more!

Integrated with popular apps like MailChimp, Slack.

  • Zonka API integration
  • Zonka Integration via Webhooks
  • Zonka Zapier Integration
  • Zonka Twilio Integration
  • Zonka Plivo Integration
  • Zonka MailChimp Integration

Enterprise Features

Multi-Location - Perfect for Chains

Easily set up large chains and organizational hierarchy in Zonka with location-based access to all users.

Data Protection and Completely Secure

Securely sync data between different devices within a centralized database.

Multichannel Feedback Software

Zonka is easy to set up and use in all channels – tablets, online, email and SMS which is great for enterprises!

Permission Based User Management

Give permission-based user access to different users to manage your feedback reporting better.

Multi-Channel. Customized Surveys. Real-time Alerts. Comprehensive Reporting.
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