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Automate Adding Contacts to Mailchimp

Connect Mailchimp to your Zonka Feedback Account to add Survey Respondents and Contacts as Subscribers and Audience in your Mailchimp Lists.


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Send Contacts to Mailchimp after Survey Completes

Send Contacts to Mailchimp

Add new Contacts automatically to Mailchimp Lists and Audiences when you receive a survey response.

Set Conditions to Add Contacts

Add new Contacts based on Filters & Conditions to Mailchimp Lists and Audiences.

Map Fields and send Data

Map any survey response fields from Zonka Feedback to Mailchimp and send data.

Add Survey Respondents to Mailchimp

Using the Zonka Feedback and Mailchimp Integration, you can automate adding new Survey Respondents and their data to Mailchimp to use for Email Marketing, Newsletters and more.

  • Contact gets added in Mailchimp in real-time
  • Add Contact to any or multiple Audience and Contact Lists
Contacts added in MailChimp by Zonka Feebdack
Map Fields to Mailchimp

Add Contacts based on Conditions

Set conditions and filters in Zonka Feedback to add only specific contacts to Mailchimp that meet the conditions.

  • Set multiple conditions
  • Add only specific contacts to Mailchimp that meet all or any conditions

Map Survey Fields to Mailchimp Contacts

Send any data from the Survey Responses to Mailchimp Lists and Audiences to help personalize your Mailchimp Email Campaigns including preferences, metrics like CSAT, NPS and CES, and more.

Select Conditions for Mailchimp