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Send Surveys & Real-time Alerts to Slack

Integrate Slack with Zonka Feedback to Survey and notify the right people at the right time. 


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Stay updated on Slack, in real-time

Send Surveys to Slack

Trigger Surveys from within Zonka Feedback directly to Slack. Survey Slack Channels and Users.

Get Notifications on Slack

New Response? Get notified in real-time on Slack with all questions and metrics. 

Receive Custom Alerts on Slack

Set up Custom Alerts with filters and send to Slack Users and Channels. 

Send Surveys to Slack

Using the Slack and Zonka Feedback Integration, send Surveys to Slack Users or Channels. Great for workplace and employee feedback surveys.

  • Conduct Daily & Weekly Standups
  • Send Employee Pulse Surveys
  • Send Periodic Employee NPS Surveys
Send Zonka Feedback Survey Invitation to Slack Users & Channels
Zonka Feedback New Survey Response Notifications in Slack

Get Real-time Response Notifications

Eliminate the use of emails for Survey Response updates. Set up notifications to Slack Users and Slack Channels for new Survey Responses on Zonka Feedback. All in real-time.

  • Send new Survey Response notifications to Slack Users
  • Notify everyone on a Slack Channel for new Responses in real-time
  • Set up different Users and Channels for different Surveys

Set up Custom Alerts for Slack Users & Channels

Want to set custom notifications and alerts based on different conditions and responses in the survey? Do it easily using Custom Alerts in Zonka Feedback and set notifications to be sent to Slack Users and Channels.

  • Set Custom Alerts based on any Filters and Conditions
  • Customize Alerts with Message and select Questions
  • Get Custom Alerts in real-time
  • Eliminate use of Emails for Survey Response Alerts
Zonka Feedback Custom Notifications & Alerts in Slack

Slack & Zonka Feedback Integration Features


Survey Slack Channels & Users

Send Survey Invitations to Slack Users and Channels together.


View Metrics in Notifications

Measuring CX Metrics? View NPS, CES and CSAT score for Survey Responses in Slack. 

Trigger Conditional Alerts

Need a specific Slack Channel or User to receive an alert? Set it based on filters. 


Fully Customize your Surveys

Measure NPS, CES and CSAT and fully customize your Surveys sent to Slack.


View the Complete Response

View the complete Response with all Question and Answers in Slack. 

Customize Alert Messages

Add Custom Message, include placeholder text, include questions in the Alerts.