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One Survey Form, Multiple Languages

Tap the diverse language speaking customers and also increase the volumes of your survey response collected. We at Zonka believe that language should never be a barrier for customers and they can easily describe their experiences.

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Creating multi-lingual surveys in Zonka

You can easily create multi-lingual surveys in Zonka. Multi-lingual surveys help you to immensely increase your sample size by tapping customers speaking varied languages. Creating surveys in multiple languages also add a personal touch for the native of that particular language. Choose from a pool of 30+ languages.

NOTE: When you add languages in a survey, the survey does not get automatically translated. You would have to add the translations in various languages yourself.

Here’s how you can create your complete survey in the first language.

Next to the Done button on top, you will see a language drop down, which will show you default language.

From there, you can select the language in which you wish to edit the survey.

Then start adding questions and text in the desired language.

Once done, go to the other language and repeat the process in the new language.

You would have to repeat this for all the languages in the survey Once completed, click on Done.