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Pre-Populate & Pre-Fill Survey Data

Save participants time and enrich your survey data and reports by pre-filling data that you already know about your customers, or about the event or transaction like name, email, phone number, department, location, language, transaction ID and more.

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Dynamic Surveys - Add Variables


Use Variables to pre-populate known Survey Data

  • Use Survey Variables (questions used in the survey), Contact Variables (contact attributes / properties) and Hidden Variables (on-the-fly data) to pass information in your surveys and pre-fill data in fields.


Pass information in Email & SMS Surveys or pre-fill in Survey Fields

Pass hidden information and survey data in Email and SMS Surveys while sending surveys.

  • Choose Contact Attributes as additional information while sending Surveys to Contact Lists
  • Upload CSV with additional data to pass hidden information in Email & SMS Surveys
  • Personalize Email & SMS Surveys with Contact Attributes
Pre-Filled Contact Form - Name, Email, Mobile


Auto-Fill Survey Fields or Hide Data

  • Display information as pre-filled data in survey fields which can be viewed and edited by respondents.
  • Alternatively, you can also hide the survey fields if data for the field is passed in link, in email surveys or SMS Surveys or via integrations and APIs.

Benefits of using Pre-Filled Survey Data


Save Participants Time & Effort

By adding pre-filled data to your survey, you save participants time and effort in filling out the survey.


Prevent Survey Fatigue

With removal of inputting additional information that you already know, you can prevent survey fatigue for your participants and customers.


Enrich your Responses & Analytics

All pre-filled data and variables are visible in Response Inbox and Reporting. They are also available as filters and make feedback analytics more insightful.

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