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Additional Locations: $19 per location/month. Ideal if you’re a multi-location set up and need data segmentation for chains, multiple outlets and branches.

Additional Locations: INR 1,250 per location/month. Currently when I change currency from USD to INR, the location cost contains to be displayed in USD.

Location Management: $39/location/mo. Ideal for data segmentation for chains, multiple outlets and branches.

Location Management: $39/location/mo. Ideal for data segmentation for chains, multiple outlets and branches.

If any of the plans do not fit your requirement or if you have specific requirement or need large number of locations, please contact us on hello@zonkafeedback.com. We will definitely have something for you!

Frequently Asked Question

What is a location?

Location are unique branches/outlets of your business where you would like to set up the Zonka system. When you subscribe to multiple locations, you get a lot of advantages like setting up different surveys for different locations, assigning user access based on locations, viewing location-segmented data and in-depth location comparison reports. You can also set up multi-location groups (based on region, type and so on), add managers to groups and enable notifications and reports based on these groups.

If you’re a single-location business, you do not need to subscribe to additional locations.

Do I have to subscribe to multiple locations?

No, if you’re not a location-based business, you can simply subscribe to a single plan.

What payment methods are accepted?

Credit Card, Debit Card, Direct Bank Transfer, PayPal, Amazon Payments are accepted.

Are there discounts for a large number of locations?

Yes, please contact us at hello@zonkafeedback.com for bulk discount pricing.

What are Users?

Web users are the number of unique admin users that can log into the web panel to view reports, manage survey, team, location and access other important survey data. Web users can set up daily, weekly and monthly digests as well as instant notifications.

Can I switch plans?

Yes, you can switch plans. All upgrades will be applicable right away and downgrades will happen at the end of your billing cycle.

What about security?

Security is a priority at Zonka. All the data is protected by best practices followed in the industry. We host all our servers with Amazon AWS, which is a world class datacenter and infrastructure provider. A detailed security statement is available informing customers about the application, information, network, data and backup practices.

Do you offer discount to not-for-profit organisations and educational institutions?

Yes, we offer 20% discount for non-profit organisations and educational institutions. Please write to us at hello@zonkafeedback.com for more details on how you can avail the discount.

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