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    customer satisfaction tool for spas and salons

    Spas and Salons – Client feedback tool for spas and salons

    Implement the Zonka feedback system for Spas and Salons and modernize the process of collecting feedback from clients.

    Our feedback system for spas takes into account all aspects of your business, enabling you to build increase productivity, use lesser resources and improve time management.

    A complete, feature-rich feedback system for spas and salons


    Better engagement

    Capture the experiences of clients visiting your spas and salons.


    Use in tablets

    This is an on-premise tablet-based feedback system.


    Customizable to your needs

    Create feedback software for spas and install it on the tablet.


    Instant feedback

    Collect on-premise feedback from customers based on the services you’re offering.


    Easy decision-making

    Take action immediately or forward it to the head office, depending on the seriousness of the issue and level of urgency.

    feedback system for spas and salons

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    Why should you switch to Zonka Feedback?


    Know what’s important

    Allow business owners to know about critical issues directly from the customer.

    Personal touch

    Gives the opportunity to address customer complaints personally, before they mention about the same on social media.

    Easy monitoring

    Monitor performances of your staff without having to worry.

    Understand focus areas

    Determine what areas of your gym or spa require improvement.


    Real time feedback

    Obtain feedbacks in real-time, thereby preventing any delay caused by the client with our Spa feedback app.

    In-depth analytics

    Check out detailed analysis reports on the feedback you’ve received.

    Check customer loyalty

    Find out loyal customers and reward them by sending details of promotional campaigns.

    Compare progress

    If you’re running a multi-location business, this would allow you to compare feedback across different locations.


    Timed alarms

    Gives the convenience of setting alerts for negative and low-rated feedbacks.

    Measure client satisfaction

    Determine client satisfaction from feedback for salons.


    Increase engagement rate

    Keep your clients and customers engaged by informing them about all the recent developments in your business with this feedback software for spas.

    How can you set up a dedicated feedback management system to collect feedback at salons and spas?

    take feedback at reception

    At reception

    Install Kiosk at the reception of your spa.
    spa feedback app

    Easy set up

    Just hand over a tablet running the spa feedback app at salons.

    Request for Free Trial

    You can get a free trial for yourself of this feedback software for spas to check out the features.

    Get rid of the paper feedback cards and replace those with this modern and highly efficient feedback management system. Don’t be in the Stone Age any longer – use our feedback system and increase productivity.  Contact us today to know more.

    feedback & survey software for spas