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Survey Question Skip Logic & Branching

Get better and more actionable feedback and data by using Survey Skip Logic, Hide Screen and Branching. Show only those questions to respondents that they need to answer based on their previous response using Skip Logic.

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What is Skip Logic in a Survey?

Skip Logic allows you to skip or hide a few screens of the survey based on respondents’ answer. For example, if the customer had a bad screen, they could continue to the next screen where you ask them questions about how you can improve. Whereas for customers who had a good experience you can skip the screen.

    • Skip to a screen based on respondents’ answer
    • Hide screen based on respondents’ answer
    • Skip to the end of survey


Skip Logic makes survey experience better for customers

By using skip logic and branching in the survey, customers view only questions relevant to them and have a better experience while giving feedback.


Tailor-made Survey

Since irrelevant survey screens get skipped because of Survey Logic, customers view a tailor-made survey.


Shorter Survey

The survey shortens based on the answers by a customer and takes lesser time and effort to fill.


Better Flow

With only relevant questions visible to customers, the surveys have better flow and are easy to fill.


Better Data Collection

You can collect better data using survey logic. For example, only show questions about a service if that service was availed by the customer.

Easy and Quick

Reduced Survey Dropouts

When customers see all relevant questions in the survey, they are less likely to dropout and abandon the survey.


Focussed Reports

Logic-based surveys lead to better data collection and better reports too. You can easily identify key factors for customer satisfaction.

Uses of Skip Logic in Surveys

Survey Logic is great to shorten your survey and to ask relevant questions to customers. Here are some popular ways you could use Skip Logic in your surveys.

Customer Feedback

Take feedback about the experience from customers and based on their response (whether good or bad) display follow up questions to understand what is working and what areas need improvement.

Product Feedback

Take feedback about your products, what customers like and dislike and why they choose to purchase or not purchase from you. Get an insight about competitors and what you can do better.

Feedback about services

Survey logic is great fit to help take feedback about only services availed. For instance, in the first question ask which services were availed and follow up with questions about those services only.

Disqualifying Respondents

With survey logic, you can disqualify a respondent who is not eligible for the survey based on their response or wishes to opt out of the survey or not take the survey.

One survey instead of Multiple

Instead of creating multiple surveys based on different preferences and feedback question flow, you can use a single survey to gather relevant information and view it together in one report.

Option to end Survey

With survey logic, you can give respondents the option to answer more questions or end the survey in case they’re in a hurry. This ensures more survey completion and participation.

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