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Survey Device Management & Tracking

Track survey devices and tablets remotely – their uptime, sync history, feedbacks synced and more, through Zonka Feedback.

What is Device Tracking?

While taking feedback on tablets and devices, you’d not always be around the device. With Zonka, you can track and monitor these devices remotely within your account through a web panel. You can track a lot of information about the device like it’s name, app status (online / offline), current battery life, responses captured and a lot more!

Additionally, you can also activate and deactivate devices remotely to control access.

Tracking Survey Devices with Zonka Feedback

You can track a lot of information about devices remotely.

  • Device Information

    Device name and type of device (mobile/ tablet) will be flashed here along with the current app version.

  • App Status

    This shows whether the user is currently inside the app or has moved out or logged out of it.

  • Battery Life

    This shows the current battery status of the device.

  • Last Communication

    This shows the time of last communication/contact of the user with the device.

  • Uptime

    This shows the time for which the device was operational for capturing responses.

  • Responses Collected

    This shows the number of responses collected on that device.

  • Location

    This shows the location in which the device is deployed.

  • Sync History

    This shows the different times when responses were synced from device.

  • Access Log

    It shows the details regarding the accessibility of the device like user who accessed it, date/time, IP address.

Now track your survey devices from anywhere with Zonka Feedback!

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Benefits of Zonka Feedback’s Remote Device Tracking


With device tracking, you get real-time visibility of very useful reporting information like uptime, access log, responses collected, sync time and a lot more.

Remote tracking

You can track devices and their status in real-time to know if they’re currently online or not. This is very helpful in large deployments.

Device Security

With the ability to remotely deactivate any device connected to your system, you can protect your device from unauthorized access and ensure security.




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