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CES with Key Indicators Template

CES is the indicator of customer effort in doing business with a brand. By using this CES with key indicators template, you can reduce the overall efforts of the customers and understand what’s leading to an increased customer effort in seeking support. 

Why use the CES with Key Indicators Template?

CES is typically used to assess one-time events. Assume a visitor requests a refund from your attraction. You would then conduct a CES survey to determine how easy the interaction was.

Attractions can use this type of survey to identify high-friction touchpoints that are causing guests to be dissatisfied. They can then quickly address the issue before it has a negative impact on a guest's overall perception of your brand.


How to use the CES with Key Indicators Template? 

The CES with key indicators Survey Template is a free template available in Zonka Feedback. To use this template, follow these steps. 

Popular Ways to use the CES with Key Indicators Template 

You can send the CES survey after a customer service interaction. After the agent resolves a customer query, an email or SMS survey can be sent. Similarly, the CES survey can be added to the live chat window on the website or mobile app if you’re looking to collect feedback while the customer is interacting with you. 
If you’re using helpdesk software, you can also automate the CES survey to be sent out automatically after a ticket is resolved or marked as closed. 

Ready to take it a step further?

Our CES with key indicators survey template enables brands to make feedback collection and analysis easier. Businesses can view real-time customer effort scores in the Zonka Feedback dashboard and inbox. Designing your workflows is smooth, you can create filters and actions based on on your CES with key indicators. 

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List of CES with Key Indicators Questions

The following questions are included in this survey template.

  • To what extend do you agree or disagree with the following statement. The company made it easy for me to resolve my issues.

  • We’re sorry to hear that you had issues in getting your issues resolved. In your opinion, how could we have done better?

  • Please add any additional feedback on how we can provide better support.

FAQs about CES with Key Indicators Template

  1. When is the best time to send out a CES survey?

One significant advantage of a CES survey with key indicators is that it can be used to target user satisfaction with specific processes by asking questions immediately following an important touchpoint at various stages of the customer journey.

Here are some times to send the survey: 

  • After a purchase

  • After a subscription

  • After a customer service touchpoint 

      2. What is considered a good CES score?

A CES score of 2.0 or higher is considered a good CES score. If, on the other hand, the customer effort score is less than 2.0, you should investigate why the customers are dissatisfied and work to resolve the issues your customers are experiencing.


3. Where can I use this CES with Key Indicators template? 

You can use a QR code at your touchpoint. Another method is to send an email or SMS survey to the customer once the service is completed. If you don't have access to the internet, you can conduct offline surveys using kiosks, mobile devices, or tablets.

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