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CSAT with Key Indicators

Gather quality customer feedback and build amazing customer experiences by using CSAT Key Indicators Survey Template. Choose from different styles of our CSAT survey questions. Click on ‘Use this template’ button and get started right away.

How to use the CSAT with Key Indicators Template? 

The CSAT with key indicators Template is a free template available in Zonka Feedback. To use this template, follow these steps. 

  • Create your free trial account at Zonka Feedback

  • From the onboarding screen, choose ‘Product Experience’ 

  • From the templates on the right-hand side, choose ‘Helpdesk & Agent Feedback’. Choose CSAT with Key Indicators, Preview the Template and if you’re happy with the questions, click on ‘Use this Template 

  • Now you can edit and customize the survey, and add or modify questions, themes, languages and survey settings. 

  • Once your survey is ready, you can distribute the survey to your users and customers to gather their feedback. 

Popular Ways to use the CSAT with Key Indicators Template 

CSAT surveys can be sent to customers after transactions or interactions with the brand to measure their satisfaction. You can either measure customers’ satisfaction after a certain experience or go for measuring the overall satisfaction with the brand.  Here are different channels that you can use to capture customer satisfaction score: 

  • Email: Send CSAT with key indicator survey template in email. Also embed the first CSAT question in email body or email signature. 

  • SMS: Send the CSAT survey weblink in SMS.

  • Website and App: Embed the CSAT survey into your website or app or use widgets like popover, slideout, side tab, and feedback button.

  • Mobile/Tablet/Kiosk: Use this CSAT survey template to collect on-site feedback through mobile, tablet, and kiosk devices.

  • QR Code: Embed the CSAT survey link into a QR code for your users to scan the code and start sharing feedback. 

Ready to take it a step further?

Create your CSAT key indicator survey with Zonka Feedback and gather hassle-free customer feedback. Know the reason behind your unhappy customers and turn them into promoters. This template allows you to make smart surveys with skip logic, custom actions and customize templates as you like. Plus you can create a customizable survey link and share it via various survey channels. 

List of CSAT with Key Indicators Questions

The following questions are included in this survey template.

  • How satisfied are you with your experience with our company?

  • What do you suggest we can work on to improve your experience?

  • What is the primary reason for your rating?

FAQs about CSAT with Key Indicators Template

  1. How often should CSAT be measured?

CSAT is traditionally used to measure immediate feedback, but it can also be used to measure satisfaction over time. If you want to track customer satisfaction over time, send CSAT surveys quarterly.

      2. Is CSAT qualitative or quantitative?

Customers are asked to rate their level of satisfaction with a product, service, experience, or company in CSAT score surveys, which are also quantitative.

      3. What is a good CSAT response rate?

A good CSAT response rate is around 25%, and a CSAT survey response rate of 50% or higher is considered excellent.

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