Eating Habits Questionnaire Template

Gather detailed information about the patients' eating habits or diet routine using this eating habits questions template.

Understanding Eating Habits Questionnaire Template

Regulating an eating habits survey of your patient is important. The survey template is designed to gather detailed information about the patients' eating habits or diet routines. The survey can be conducted to gather patients' information even with no internet connection. The questionnaire asks patients about their regular eating habits, how many meals they take, and in what quantity. Do their dietary habits add any value to their health?

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List of Eating Habits Questions

The following questions are included in Eating Habits Questionnaire Template:

  • Can we have your name, please?
  • Please enter the following information of the patient
  • Please specify the types of vegetables consumed by the patient.
  • Please specify the frequency of fruit intake in a day?
  • Do you take 3-4 ltr of water per day?
  • Is there anything you'd like to add?

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