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Employee Review Survey Template: Growth, Impact, and Goals (GIG)

Use the Employee Review Template: Growth, Impact, and Goals (GIG) to review and track your employees' progress every quarter. Initiate conversations to discuss their impact on the organization, contribution to the team, and overall growth using this Employee Review Template.

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Understanding Employee Review Survey Template

Healthy conversations between supervisors/managers and employees every quarter is crucial to keep them motivated. It also helps track their progress and enable growth. Using the Employee Review Template: Growth, Impact, and Goals (GIG), companies can initiate conversations with their employees about their growth and impact without making it feel like a performance evaluation.

The Employee Review Template: Growth, Impact, and Goals (GIG) has five simple questions that employees can answer for self-evaluation of the quarter. It asks about their impact, what they could've done better, their contribution to the team, and progress. You can also ask them about the assistance they require for further growth. The information collected can help managers build a better environment that fosters growth- of the individual employee and the team.

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List of Employee Review Survey Template Questions

The following questions are included in the employee review template:

  • What was my impact last quarter?
  • What could I have done differently to have a greater impact?
  • How did I contribute to the success of others?
  • How have I made progress on professional growth?
  • What help do I need to accomplish my goals?

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