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NPS® with Key Indicators Template

Increase customer loyalty by using NPS Key Indicator Survey Template. Find out the reason for a disappointing customer service experience and gather customers’ suggestions/primary reasons for the score with an open-ended question to understand how exactly you can improve customer service in your company. 

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Why use the NPS® with Key Indicators Template? 

SaaS-based companies leverage the NPS score to their advantage. If your customers are not happy with the service they will go with your competitor. This is why by using this template you can do wonders with your customer satisfaction and gather: 

How to use the NPS® with Key Indicators Template? 

The NPS® with Key Indicators Survey Template is available in Zonka Feedback. To use this template, follow these steps. 

Popular Ways to use the NPS® with Key Indicators Template 

The best way to take feedback from your product users and customers is within your product. You can embed the NPS® with Key Indicators within your product using the following channels: 

Ready to take it a step further?

Our expert NPS Key Indicator template makes it easier for SaaS-based companies to improve their customer experience by knowing the NPS score. You can easily collect feedback via multiple platforms including email, embed links, mobile and offline surveys. With the help of our flexible dashboards and reports, you can get the information in real-time improving the customer experience. 

List of NPS® with Key Indicators Questions

The following questions are included in this survey template.

  • On a scale of 0 to 10, how likely are you to recommend us to a friend or colleague based on your customer service experience?
  • We’re sorry to hear your experience wasn't great. What do you suggest we can work on to improve your experience? [Resolution Speed, Agent’s Knowledge, Accuracy, Communication, Willingness to Help] ‘;
  • Please share your feedback in your own words?


FAQs about NPS® with Key Indicators Template


  1. What question is most commonly used to calculate NPS?

The standard NPS question is “how likely are you to recommend us on a scale from 0 to 10,” but you don’t need to limit yourself to asking it verbatim. For the open-ended question that follows, there are also different ways to get feedback from your customers. 


       2. How do I analyze NPS survey data?

Here are several best practices you can follow to get the most out of your open-ended NPS data:

  • Categorize open-ended responses

  • Analyze NPS based on demographic data

  • Identifying root causes

  • Use NPS results to detect trends and measure changes over time

  • Share NPS results with In-house teams

  • Using AI to automatically analyze NPS responses


       3. Why is NPS score important? 

Net promoter score helps businesses gauge the quality of their customer service, particularly in relation to their competitors. SaaS-based companies can use their net promoter score to address any problem areas, improve the experience of their customers, monitor loyalty trends and more. 


        4. Where can I use this NPS® with Key Indicators template? 

You can use a QR code at your touchpoint. Another way is by triggering an email or SMS survey as soon as the service provided to the customer is completed. If you don’t have an internet connection, you can use offline surveys via kiosks, mobile, or tablets. 

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