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Online Political Poll

Conduct quick surveys about public opinions on their political leanings using this Online POlitical Poll Template. Find out the citizens' opinion on country's direction of growth, last voted political party, priority factors in voting, and more using this Online Political Poll.

Understanding the Online Political Poll

Knowing the political leaning of people can be used by political parties, social organizations, and others to gather important data about upcoming elections and what factors might be pivotal in the elections. They can also use it to predict who will win the next elections or the issues that political parties can put on priority.

The Online Political Poll Template has four questions that can be used to collect the public's political opinion. You can use this Online Political Poll by signing in or signing up with Zonka Feedback.

List of Online Political Poll Questions

The following questions are included in this Online Political Poll.

  • If you were to comment on the general direction our country is moving towards, what would you say?
  • Who did you vote for in last election?
  • Rank the following issues in terms of priority.
  • Are you in favor of creating a path to citizenship for illegal immigrants?

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