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Quick General Customer Satisfaction Survey Template

Quickly identify how satisfied are your customers with your brand with this Quick General Customer Satisfaction Survey Template. Find out the general customer satisfaction level with a simple question and also capture feedback on what could be improved. 

Understanding the Quick Customer Satisfaction Survey Template

Zonka Feedback’s customer satisfaction survey template focuses on capturing the general satisfaction of customers with your product or services. The survey also helps capture information like how often customers use your products or services and what improvements they would like to see.

To start using the customer satisfaction survey template free of cost, you can simply sign up on Zonka Feedback and start using our 500+ templates. 

How to Use the Quick Customer Satisfaction Survey Template?

Sharing this survey is easy. Create a link and share it with your customers allowing them to provide real-time feedback. You can share the survey via email, SMS, web app, or in kiosk mode. 

List of Quick Customer Satisfaction Survey Template Questions

The Customer satisfaction survey questions in this template include:

  • How was your overall experience during your stay?
  • How likely are you to recommend our hotel to your friends and family?
  • Please share any comments and suggestions here

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What to include in a customer satisfaction survey?

If you want to create a quick customer satisfaction survey, you can add the general rating scale for customers to rate their satisfaction. To collect detailed feedback you can add additional questions like a comment box or multiple choice questions to collect more descriptive feedback.

What is a customer satisfaction survey example?

Here’s what a customer satisfaction survey example would look like:

  • How would you rate your satisfaction with our product/service?
  • What did you like/dislike about our product/service.
  • Please share in your own words what we can improve to enhance your experience. 

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