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Shopping Mall Experience Feedback Form

Ask your visitors to rate the shopping mall on various characteristics. Make improvements as per the insights received and weave seamless experiences for your customers. Capture their honest feedback via this all-inclusive shopping mall experience feedback.

Place this shopping mall experience feedback on tablet kiosks placed at high footfall areas in your shopping mall such as near the changing rooms, billing counters and more. Receive visitor ratings on shopping mall ambiance, food court, gaming zone, information desks and more. You can also capture visitor satisfaction and loyalty regarding your mall with the net promoter score which is a popular metric used industry-wise to calculate customer satisfaction and likeliness to recommend. Make your shopping mall a tad bit better each day by actioning on visitor feedback received.

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Multi-channel Survey App

Zonka is a multi-channel survey app. Analyze and evaluate customer satisfaction, follow up and make them come back to you. Create survey forms & deploy on tablets (Android & iPad), on the web, in your app, via SMS and Emails and more. Review detailed reports, response data and take informed actions.

Android survey app

Capture customer feedback
on-premises on Android tablets

iPad survey app

Collect feedbacks on iOS devices
like iPad & iPhone

Online surveys

Run online surveys and distribute via multiple channels

Multi-channel survey system

Email surveys

Email surveys directly from
Zonka or send via APIs

SMS surveys

Send SMS with Survey links
to customer phone numbers

Mobile surveys

The surveys work beautifully
on both desktop and mobile

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