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Software Survey Template

Take quick feedback about your software after the customer has given it a try. Get customer feedback and comments about your software proactively to enhance your software and retain customers for the long run. 

Understanding Software Survey Template

This is a readymade software satisfaction survey template that you can send to users after free trials and subscriptions. The software user survey questions are written to understand why customers decided to give your software a try and how they perceived it. You can collect feedback in terms of improvements they would like to see in the software or product.

By working on the feedback and marketing exactly as per users’ requirements as shared in their feedback, you can attract your customers and understand how to retain the existing ones. 

How to Use Software Survey Template?

SaaS Product/Website: You can embed the software user experience survey directly in your SaaS product or website, which can be automatically triggered after sessions or when the customer is nearing the end of the trial period.

Email and SMS: You can use email and SMS surveys to capture feedback from users. This way, customers can share feedback at their convenience.

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List of Software User Experience Survey Questions

Software user survey questions in this template include: 

  • How did you hear about our software?
  • Which platform do you use?
  • How would you rate our software?
  • Did you purchase our software?
  • Please let us know if you have any negative/positive comments about our software.


What is a software survey?

A software survey consists of software user survey questions that help capture information like what customers liked or disliked about the software, what would they want you to improve, and whether they would recommend the software service to others.

What to include in a user survey?

Some important software user survey questions include:

  • How would you rate our software?
  • Did you purchase our software?
  • How did you hear about our software?
  • Would you recommend it to others?

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