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App Uninstall Survey Template

Did customers just uninstall your app? Take feedback to understand why they uninstalled, why the app didn't work for them and how you can improve it to increase customer satisfaction.  

Understanding App Uninstall Survey Template

This survey template is for customers who churn away by uninstalling your app. The survey helps understand the reason they chose to discontinue using your mobile app. The survey consists of both open-ended and closed-ended questions for customers to select aspects of the app they didn’t like and also share feedback in their own words.

The uninstall survey template also captures email addresses from customers to reach out to them and resolve issues. 

How to Use Uninstall Survey Template?

You can send the uninstall survey via email or SMS depending on how you engage with your users. 

List of App Uninstall Survey Questions

The following questions are included in this App Uninstall Survey Template:

  • Why did you uninstall the app? (Choose as many as you like)
  • How else can we improve our app?
  • Please share your email address so we can contact you.


How to create an uninstall survey for your app?

You can use Zonka Feedback’s readymade uninstall survey template for apps and SaaS products or create a survey from scratch using our easy-to-use survey builder.

What to include in an uninstall survey?

Uninstall survey questions may include:

  • What made you decide to uninstall the app?
  • Please share what we can improve to bring you back?
  • How would you rate your overall satisfaction with the app?

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