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Announcing the Release of Zonka Feedback APIs

Today, we’re super proud to announce the release of our first version of APIs. Our development team is super excited about this announcement and we know this one is going to save a lot of headaches to those looking to integrate with Zonka Feedback.

API, for those who are wondering what it is, stands for Application Programming Interface and these essentially facilitate two applications or programs to interact. Remember the last time you connected two applications like Facebook and Instagram or signed up for an application using your Gmail or Facebook or LinkedIn account or called for a cab using Google Maps. Well, all this is happening because two apps are interacting with each other and this interconnectivity is possible through APIs.

So when we say that Zonka Feedback now has APIs available, what we really mean is that you can now seamlessly connect other applications with Zonka Feedback using APIs*Zonka Team jumps in joy and does a happy dance*

To get started with our new APIs and know more about it, check out the documentation here.

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Team Zonka

Written by Team Zonka

Jun 14, 2017

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