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Integrate Zonka Feedback With Over 750+ Apps (via Zapier)

Integrate Zonka Feedback With Over 750+ Apps (via Zapier)

At Zonka, we’re consistently trying to make feedback management more automated and even more effective. And for the same reason we focus a lot on powerful survey features and out of the box integrations. As we're growing and on-boarding more customers, feature requests and suggestions are pouring in. We're getting to know of all the web apps that our customers would like to connect Zonka with.

There's really a lot you can do when you make all your web apps work together. For instance, if you get a negative feedback on Zonka and you'd like to raise a ticket in your ticketing application instantly to enable quick action. Same for your low NPS score - raise a ticket instantly for addressing the detractors. Or perhaps, you want to add new respondent data from Zonka to your CRM. There's a lot really.

To make all this and more possible, Zonka Feedback is now integrated with Zapier (yay!). This means, now you can integrate to over 750+ apps and automate tasks and triggers across tonnes of applications and save yourself a lot of time and effort.


In case you're wondering what Zapier is - it's an online automation platform that allows you to connect various web apps that you use to automate processes that you would have usually spend a lot of time on coding. It essentially allows web applications to easily talk to each other.

With Zonka Feedback now connected to Zapier, automation will be a breeze and you will get more time to focus on bigger strategies for your organization.

To make your own Zap now, get started here.

Published on Dec 15, 2017. Updated on Oct 13, 2021.

Team Zonka

Written by Team Zonka

Dec 15, 2017

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