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Zonka Feedback named as High Performer for Summer 2021 in Experience Management Category

March 09, 2023

“Maybe the secret to continued success is as simple as knowing that your past success could be done so much better now.” This quote by Bill Loguidice fits perfectly with our zeal to serve the customers better each time and get continuous rewards and recognitions for this. We are glad to announce that G2 Crowd has again named Zonka Feedback as ‘High Performer’ in its Summer 2021 Grip Report.

In the previous three quarters also, we were given this recognition by G2 in its quarterly grid reports. Accomplishing this honor for the fourth time in a row adds to our success and pride.

G2 is one of the greatest platforms for the technology market that businesses across the globe use to discover, compare and make decisions to buy or invest in a software or app. On this platform, users rate the apps and software they use and add reviews for them.

Based on users’ ratings and reviews on the parameters like ease of use and Customer Satisfaction, G2 runs a grid report every quarter and recognizes the High Performers of the quarter. The most significant fact is that the platform follows a robust verification process and uses its algorithms to identify fake users and crooked reviews. It even asks the users for screenshots of usage of the apps to support their thoughts.

Such an intense verification makes this platform more genuine, and this is why it is considered as one of the most attested sources of information in the tech market. Getting this recognition from such an enterprise for the fourth time is proof of our enthusiasm to satisfy our customers the most. This is undoubtedly a proud moment for all of us!

All this has been made possible through collective efforts of all our teams, acceptance to change, and improving continuously to serve our customers better every time. The robust functionalities, adding powerful integrations, and readily available assistance to our customers have enabled our customers to use our product seamlessly.

We are grateful to our customers for appreciating our efforts and making us reach the top through their ratings and reviews. We are always keen to make customers’ lives easier. For us, success comes from our customer’s success, and we are always committed to helping our customers in every possible way to make them successful!

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Written by Sonika

Jun 29, 2021

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