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Airport Survey Template: Lounge Experience

The survey asks passengers to provide feedback on the facilities availed. With this readymade template, you can check whether passengers are satisfied with the lounge experience or not.

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Collect airport passenger feedback regarding various aspects of airport experiences. Gauge their satisfaction with lounge experience, canteen, washroom cleanliness, and more using Airport Feedback Form Template.

Questions in Airport Feedback form Template

  1. 1. Do you typically fly for business or for personal reasons?
    • Business
    • Personal reasons
  2. 2. Do you typically purchase your plane tickets directly from an airline or via an online travel discount site?
    • Directly from the airlines
    • Through an online travel discount site
  3. 3. How often do you fly with our airline?
    • Never
    • Once in a while
    • About half a time
    • Most of the time
    • Always
  4. 4. Do you participate in an airline rewards program?
    • Yes
    • No
  5. 5. How often do you pack less than you would like to avoid baggage fees when traveling on our airline?
    • Never
    • Once in a while
    • About half a time
    • Most of the time
    • Always
  6. 6. How likely are you to recommend our airline to a friend or colleague?
    • 0 (Not at all likely)
    • 1
    • 2
    • 3
    • 4
    • 5
    • 6
    • 7
    • 8
    • 9
    • 10 (Extremely likely)

How to Get Started with Airport Survey Template?

Here are a few simple steps to edit and customize the Airport Survey Template and quickly get started with collecting passenger feedback.

  1. Click on ‘Edit this Template’: Click on the ‘Edit this Template’ button to directly access the Airport Feedback Form Template.
  2. Customize the Template: The survey editor allows you to fully personalize the survey experience for your passengers. Create surveys that align with your brand identity by adding your own logos, themes, custom rating scales, questions types. You can further customize surveys by making them more dynamic using survey logic, pre-fill data, answer piping, and more to keep the engagement high.
  3. Preview the Survey: Before triggering your surveys to your customers, preview your template to understand how your customers will perceive your template.
  4. Save the Survey: Once you are satisfied with the template, click on the Save button to retain the survey for future use.
  5. Move Towards Distribution: Once your survey is ready, you can access the multi-channel distribution option where you can choose the right channel to trigger your surveys to your audience. Explore the sharing options in the next segment.

Sharing Your Surveys the right way

When it comes to sharing your Airport Surveys, you need to use the right channel to target the right kind of survey in order to gain effective insights on your airport passenger experiences. Here are some of the use-cases of survey templates that you can refer to for your next surveys.

1. Offline Surveys for On-premises feedback

Running offline surveys helps in getting in-moment feedback on various aspects of your airport experiences. These can be easily executed by setting up survey kiosks using Android or iOS devices at crucial customer touchpoints. Here are some of the examples of offline surveys at Airport.

  • Airport Washroom Feedback - You can set up survey kiosks at the exit points of your Airport washrooms with Smiley ratings to quickly gauge customer experience with your washrooms. Smiley Surveys are quick and engaging, which can help in effectively measuring customer satisfaction.
  • Lounge Check-in/Check-out - Gauge customer satisfaction with the check-in/check-out process at the airport lounge to measure the convenience that the customers might or might not feel.
  • At Coffee Shops - Kiosks surveys at great at measuring customer feedback with the coffee shops or any other food outlets at the airport.

2. SMS Surveys for Overall Experience

SMS surveys are one of the most engaging form of remote surveys that can help you reach customers on their mobile phones.

You can send them a personalized SMS with survey link to gauge their satisfaction with various aspects of airport experiences.

You can send the passengers SMS surveys after they have availed any services at the airport. It could be web check-in process, post-lounge feedback, baggage services, and more.

3. Email Surveys to Measure Passenger Experience

Email Surveys are great to measure in-depth feedback on your airport services by sending personalized emails to the customers after customer interactions with your airport.

For instance, you can send them surveys after successful ticket purchase, web check-in, customer service interaction, successful flight, and so on.

The platform offers you to send email embed surveys, in-signature email surveys, downloadable email survey templates, and more.

4. Website Feedback to Measure Visitor Experience

Have a website of your Airport? Measure visitor feedback on aspects such as website usability, relevance of content, ease of booking tickets, design, and other aspects by using survey pop-ups, slide-outs, bottom bar, feedback button, etc.

You can also embed surveys in your chatbots to measure feedback on customer interactions with the agents. There is also an option to trigger exit-intent surveys to see why the visitors are leaving your airport website.

5. In-App Surveys

If you have an app for your airport, you can use trigger pop-up surveys or in-app notifications to collect customer feedback with aspects as mentioned above like successful booking, ease of payment, Customer Support, and more.

6. Integrations to Create Feedback Workflows

Put manual tasks on automation to improve your customer experiences using Integrations by seamlessly connecting your tools such as CRMs, and Helpdesks with Zonka Feedback.

Create feedback workflows to automatically send survey emails to your customers, alerts teams for negative feedback, turn on auto-responders to keep customers engaged, and close the feedback loop faster to reduce customer churn.

Key Features of Zonka Feedback’s Airport Survey Template

With Zonka Feedback, you get a plethora of advanced features that can help you streamline your customer satisfaction surveys to measure airport passenger feedback.

  1. Survey Customization: As mentioned before, you can access multiple customization options with an easy-to-use Survey Builder and make your surveys reflect your brand identity. You can white-label surveys, choose your own questions types and ratings such as smiley ratings, button choices, radio matrix, NPS questions, and much more. 
    You can also choose to show specific questions to specific respondents based on their ratings and feedback.
  2. Multi-lingual Surveys: Send surveys in the language your customers speak by choosing from 45+ language options. With Multi-lingual Surveys, customize languages, increase the response rate and make surveys more personalized.
  3. Negative Feedback Alerts: Set up alerts for negative feedback and inform your teams in real-time of unsatisfied customers notify them via slack, SMS, MS Teams, email, or SMS, so teams can take faster action on responses and work on improving customer experience.
  4. Advanced Analytics: Access all your survey responses in a unified response inbox where you can add tags, notes, and assign tasks to address customer concerns in a more organized form. The real-time reports and analytics allow you to get amazing insights using Snapshot reports, response insights, location insights, team performance reports, trends report, and text analytics.
  5. Workflows Automation: Create your own CX workflows to trigger customer feedback, automate responses, set up team alerts, and close the feedback loop faster. You can also integrate your own tools to create surveys using tools such as HubSpot, Zendesk, Freshdesk, Intercom, or create your own integrations using APIs & Webhooks.

Airport Survey Template FAQs

  • 1. What types of questions should I include in my Airport Feedback Form Template?

    Focus on understanding the passenger journey across key touchpoints:
    1. Pre-Departure: Convenience of online check-in, website usability, accessibility, parking options.
    2. Security and Check-In: Efficiency, friendliness of staff, wait times, clarity of signage.
    3. Amenities and Facilities: Cleanliness, comfort of waiting areas, food and beverage options, Wi-Fi access.
    4. Boarding and Travel: Gate information clarity, boarding process experience, in-flight service, overall comfort.
    5. Post-Arrival: Baggage claim efficiency, ground transportation options, overall airport experience, likelihood to recommend.

    Combine question types for richer insights:
    1. Star ratings: Overall satisfaction, specific aspects like cleanliness, staff courtesy.
    2. Multiple choice: Preferred amenities, reasons for choosing your airport.
    3. Open-ended questions: Favorite aspects, suggestions for improvement, specific concerns encountered.
    4. NPS (Net Promoter Score): "On a scale of 0-10, how likely are you to recommend our airport to friends and family?"

  • 2. How can Post-Transaction Feedback Surveys Benefit My Business?

    1. High-traffic areas: Pre-security and post-security waiting areas, baggage claim halls, arrivals and departures concourses.
    2. Strategic touchpoints: Near check-in desks, information desks, gate areas, restrooms.
    3. Consider accessibility: Place kiosks at different heights and with options for visual and auditory accessibility.
    4. Rotate locations periodically: Ensure diverse feedback from different passenger segments.

  • 3. How can I effectively inform passengers about actions taken based on their feedback?

    1. Survey follow-up emails: Thank respondents and briefly mention key themes and planned actions based on their feedback.
    2. Airport signage and announcements: Share updates on implemented improvements inspired by passenger feedback.
    3. Social media: Post success stories and acknowledge passenger contributions to improvements.
    4. Website updates: Dedicate a section to showcasing feedback highlights and implemented changes.

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