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Airport Survey Template: Lounge Experience

The survey asks passengers to provide feedback on the facilities availed. With this readymade template, you can check whether passengers are satisfied with the lounge experience or not.

Understanding Airport Survey Template: Lounge Experience

The airport survey template provides passengers an opportunity to provide feedback about the airport experience. They give responses on the facilities, quality of the food served, and overall satisfaction with the lounge services. The main aim here is to check whether they are satisfied with the lounge experience or not.

The feedback received from passengers helps make improvements in services and amenities. You can use our airport survey free of cost with just a simple sign up on Zonka Feedback. 

How to Use Airport Survey Template?

You can use our airport satisfaction survey template in different ways:

Email/SMS: You can send out email and SMS surveys post-flight or post-lounge experience to collect feedback fresh from passengers’ recent experiences.

Mobile/Tablet/Kiosk: When you’re looking to collect airport feedback, mobile, tablet, and kiosk surveys are considered ideal since passengers can share feedback through the auto-reloaded surveys running on mounted screens. Moreover, you can set up mobile, tablet, and kiosk offline surveys so passengers can share responses without internet connectivity.

QR Code Survey: A QR code survey is a survey embedded in a QR code, which when scanned, opens up the survey page. Passengers can share feedback simply by scanning the QR code displayed at various points across the airport or lounge and share feedback conveniently.

List of Airport Survey Questions

The following airport survey questions are included in this template:

  • Do you typically fly for business or for personal reasons?
  • Do you typically purchase your plane tickets directly from an airline or via an online travel discount site?
  • How often do you fly with our airline?
  • Do you participate in an airline rewards program?
  • How often do you pack less than you would like to avoid baggage fees when traveling on our airline?
  • How likely are you to recommend our airline to a friend or colleague?

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What to include in an airport survey or airport satisfaction survey?

Airport survey questions to include in an airport survey include:

  • How would you rate the lounge service?
  • How would you rate the baggage fees and services?
  • How would you rate the washrooms' cleanliness and facility?
  • How would you rate the cleanliness at the airport?

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