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Client Satisfaction Survey Template

Gather Client Satisfaction feedback using our client satisfaction survey template and align your business with customers' expectations.

Understanding Client Satisfaction Survey Template

This client survey template helps brands understand how customers perceive the brand and how satisfied they are. It further helps collect contextual feedback in terms of customer experience and also helps understand whether or not customers would continue doing business with you.

Zonka Feedback’s client satisfaction survey template can be sent at different customer milestones to identify happy and unhappy customers. Specific feedback, especially open-ended feedback from customers can help understand what the brand should continue doing and how it should improve to retain existing customers and attract potential customers.

You can sign up on Zonka Feedback for a 7-day free trial and use our client satisfaction survey template free of cost. 

How to Use Client Satisfaction Survey Template?

You can send client satisfaction survey template in different ways:

Email/SMS: Send email and SMS surveys to get feedback after certain transactions and at fixed milestones.

Product/In-App: Add client satisfaction surveys to your SaaS product or mobile app to collect in-product and in-app feedback.

Live Chat: Send client satisfaction surveys in live chat after customer service interactions. 

List of Client Satisfaction Survey Questions

The following client satisfaction survey questions are included in this template:

  • How was your first impression of the company?
  • We’re sorry to hear that. What do you suggest we could have done better to give you a better experience?
  • Did we live up to your overall expectations?
  • Would you use our product and services in the future?
  • On a scale of 0-10, how likely are you to recommend working with our company to your friends and family?
  • Do you have any specific comments or suggestions you'd like to make to us?


How to create a client satisfaction survey template?

  • Identify when to survey clients
  • Create a client satisfaction survey from scratch or use a survey template
  • Send surveys across channels where customers engage.

What to include in a client satisfaction survey?

  • A rating scale for customers to rate their satisfaction with the brand
  • A rating scale for customers to rate their likeliness of recommending your product, service, or brand to others.
  • Open-ended questions for customers to share in their own words what they like or dislike about your product or brand

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