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Top Work from Home Remote Productivity Tools we're using at Zonka Feedback

Top Work from Home Remote Productivity Tools we're using at Zonka Feedback

Currently, because of the worldwide global crisis Coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak, most companies have started to Work from Home. For a lot of companies this will not be a big change, but for a lot (especially those where collaborating is super important), working from home can be quite challenging.

At, Zonka Feedback, employee safety and health is always of primary importance and in light of this, everyone in our team is working from home. (Read: What Zonka Feedback is doing in the wake of Coronavirus COVID 19 to ensure Employee Safety and Business Continuity). While even at work, we use a lot of tools to automate our work and make tasks easier, but working from home is a different ballgame. Suddenly, collaboration and communication become extremely important. The success of our team to coordinate easily would not be possible without making use of some very interesting Remote Working Tools, which ease the process of connecting with team members and working efficiently.

12 Essential Work from Home Productivity Tools

Let’s explore the home productivity tools which we are using at Zonka Feedback.


Slack - Remote Work Tool for Zonka Feedback

It is a communication management app which is useful in team communication. Slack is our messenger at the office, even when we’re at office. So many of us are lazy asses and like chatting here instead of having to get up (except when it's for food). Slack is also great to exchange media and reduce email clutter. While working remotely, this has proved more helpful than ever!
  • We use Slack Channels to do team meetings and stand ups
  • Exchange media and notes using Direct Channels
  • Connect Apps like Google Drive, Calendar and more to integrate other tools


Zoom Video Conferencing - Remote Work Tool for Zonka Feedback

Zoom is a great tool for video conferencing. We use Zoom for customer meetings, demos, and internal communication. Zoom has been the latest addition to our team for client meetings. We, at Zonka Feedback, are vast believers of live product demos, and products like Zoom are god-sent.
  • We have integrated Zoom to HubSpot to set up demo meetings automated
  • Using Zoom to do internal meetings besides the client demos

WebWork Tracker

webwork-toolWebWork Tracker is a latest tool we have started using, only because all of our employees are now working from home due to #COVID19 Pandemic. It's a great tool to track work and ensure none of us get lazy and stay more productive than ever. It helps us ensure that even if our team is working in pyjamas, or working at odd hours, they’re working and coordinating with each other effectively to get the job done.
  • It’s super easy to build teams with the WebWork Tracker
  • We use it for tracking tasks with timesheets and statistics.


zendeskZendesk is an incredible sales CRM and customer support software. We use Zendesk very extensively for customer tickets and knowledge base. It helps us respond to the ticket and concerns raised by our customers. With its powerful analytics, we can measure and improve the entire customer experience.

  • All tickets raised by the customers and leads can be tracked here
  • Knowledge Base helps our customers get self-help
  • Robust analytic tools will help identify slow response times


Intercom - Remote Work Tool for Zonka FeedbackWith Intercom in place, we have been communicating and providing real-time support to our clients like never before. Almost all leads and customers now reach out through the Intercom chat, and it’s very easy for our team to respond to them for sales and support.

  • Sends sequences of automated emails to users
  • Availability of GIFs and emoji in live chat
  • Option to customize the messenger according to the brand's design
  • Provision for assigning sales inquires and support requests to the right team


HubSpot - Remote Work Tool for Zonka FeedbackHubSpot is an integral part of our work ecosystem now. This is where we host our website, write and publish blogs and guides, and maintain leads. It's an all in one marketing, sales and service software. It’s a terrific tool for planning inbound strategy.

  • Maintain all our Sales Activities using HubSpot's free CRM
  • Run amazing Workflows, maintain deals, view reports
  • Plan SEO and Content Marketing activities
  • Create and publish Blogs, Best Practices, and Guides
  • Schedule posts for social media networking sites like Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn
  • Assigning of tasks to team members via Calendar
  • Analysis and Reporting of website traffic with the help of Analytics Tool
  • We have linked HubSpot with other tools like Zoom, Intercom, Zendesk, to enable automation


canvaIf you’re in a digital space or have a business, then you probably know what Canva is all about. It’s a drag-and-drop graphic design tool that comes with numerous templates for visual content. It’s a user-friendly web-based application consisting of an astonishing set of features that gives freedom to turn your ideas into creative designs. It allows you to share designs with your team members and edit them.

  • Using Canva, we create images for Zonka Feedback blogs, infographics, and social media posts
  • Provides storage for photos and assets

Google Docs and Sheets

Who doesn't use Google Docs? Seriously. It’s a free online tool from which every business can benefit from its core features of creating, editing, and accessing the documents and sheets from any part of the world. We are using these online tools to increase the efficiency and usability of the information.

  • All the planning first happens on Google Docs
  • Collaborate with team members while editing information in real-time
  • Used for mapping of internal and external content

Zonka Feedback

Online Web Survey on Laptop_Zonka FeedbackOf course we use our own tool :) Zonka Feedback is one of the easiest Customer Feedback Platform & Survey App. With it, you're able to set up customized surveys (for customers and for employees), distribute surveys on your website, through email and SMS, and even run surveys on tablets and get real-time reports and analytics. It's really quick to get started with ready-to-use survey templates and make feedback management a breeze.

  • Taking customer feedback post on-boarding, after demos and training, and during their work time with us. We run regular CSAT and NPS Surveys using Zonka Feedback. It provides us with insights about what's working and what's not and makes it easy for us to plan ahead.
  • Taking Employee Feedback at various touch points. This helps us keep employees engaged, increases their productivity, and keeps us updated on recurring issues and problem areas that need attention.


GoToMeeting is a web-conferencing software that permits businesses to host business meetings online. We are using this video meeting software for conducting online meetings, video conferencing, conducting webinars to connect with our current and prospective clients.

  • We use it for scheduling meetings with the clients
  • Helps in conducting product demos via video conferencing
  • Freedom to record live sessions
  • Allows participants to share documents in real-time


SkypeSkype is a collaboration software that enables us to connect with our team members and clients regardless of any device or platform they use. Its noteworthy features like low-cost international calls and instant messaging help us in reducing overhead costs and delivering quality services.

  • Allows to connect with clients and teams at different locations
  • Helps in live group screen sharing
  • Supports better security control through encryption of private communications


teamviewerTeamviewer is an all-in-one solution used for remote control, desktop sharing, and file transfer. This tool comes handy when we are working from home. It allows us to take control of the systems and troubleshoot the issues appearing in it. It works on all the operating systems enhancing productivity and satisfaction levels.

  • Helpful for quick and secure file sharing
  • We use it for connecting to multiple workstations
  • Helps in remotely accessing the systems and servers from anywhere

Stay SAFE and Keep the HARD WORK Going

With the increasing number of COVID-19 cases worldwide and government taking preventive measures like “social distancing” to ensure public safety, it has become a challenge for companies to keep the work going. In such scenarios, work from home is the only solution. Moreover, making use of remote management tools will not only result in enhanced work productivity and better communication with remote team members but also saves an ample amount of time.

Published on Mar 26, 2020. Updated on Aug 07, 2020.


Written by Megha

Mar 26, 2020

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