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What Zonka Feedback is doing to ensure Employee Safety & Business Continuity during COVID-19 Coronavirus Pandemic

June 02, 2023

There’s nothing more important than health and safety. In the wake of the global pandemic, COVID 19 Coronavirus, staying safe has become more important than ever. We, at Zonka Feedback, have employed a lot of measures to ensure that our employees are healthy and safe, and that works goes on usual in the midst of this global crisis.

Alongside, as a tool that is used to do research surveys, take customer feedback and take surveys, we’re very committed to provide full continuity for our customers.

To ensure safety of our colleagues and continuity for our customers, here’s how we’re responding to COVID 19.

Serving our Customers

We believe at our role to serve our customers and community is very crucial. As COVID 19 spreads, some of our customers, especially in the healthcare sector have increased their use of Zonka Feedback to run health assessment surveys on patients, to capture data and also to do research. E-Commerce companies continue to use Zonka Feedback to take feedback on deliveries.

Throughout the company, we're making sure that we're here to serve our customers as we all face this global pandemic.

Caring for our employees (Work from Home for everyone)

All colleagues, without exception, are working from home to ensure social distancing. A lot of us travel using public transport and it just isn’t safe anymore. All team members are asked to stay home unless they’re out for some emergency and work from home effectively.

Developing an Infrastructure for Remote Working

To maximize the new office routine, which is that everyone is now working from home and not physically meeting each other to collaborate, here are a few things we’re doing to develop an infrastructure and process that works for everyone.

  1. Daily Skype Meetings & Updates - We meet daily between 9 AM and 10 AM at Skype and Slack to give daily updates and run our daily stand up meetings. This keeps us all clued in and helps the managers plan better.
  2. Continuity to Serve - With Zoom, Intercom, Zendesk, HubSpot and Social Media, even WhatsApp - we are available to our clients at all times to ensure they can reach us anymore.
  3. Remote Work Tools to Serve Customers & Ease Working from Home - We have put in a place a lot of productivity tools that make remote working easy and help us serve our customer effectively. These tools make it easy for teams to stay connected with each other, collaborate and also be quick at responding to customers. 

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For more updates about what we're doing at Zonka Feedback in light of the Coronavirus Pandemic, follow us on our social media channels - @zonkafeedback on Twitter, @zonkafeedback on Facebook, @zonka-feedback on LinkedIn and @zonkafeedback on Instagram.

Stay safe. Stay indoors. Let's keep this virus from spreading!

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Written by Sonika

Mar 24, 2020

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