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Transform Product Feedback & Customer Service with the new Zonka Feedback

Introducing the all-new Zonka Feedback: Build amazing products with the Product Feedback Platform, transform Customer Service with help desk and agent surveys, and excel in CX Management with Automation & Workflows. 

At Zonka Feedback, we believe in always evolving and bringing you solutions that help you measure feedback effectively and use that feedback to build businesses that grow and scale. Here, we understand that the best way to get the most effective feedback is asking the right questions, to the right persons, at the right time. And we're committed to providing you a platform that helps you do exactly that, in the smartest ways. 

In the last few months, we pivoted to the providing solutions to SaaS companies and Tech platforms. Introducing Product Feedback — a way for SaaS, Tech, B2B and B2C companies to take user feedback within the product or app.

Why? Because today cannot build products just based on great ideas. You need to know what the market needs. You need to gauge customer feedback at all touch points and all stages. And you need to build a team that can constantly absorb and adapt the product with the needs of the users. And the only sureshot way to know your users' needs is to ask them. 

Measure Product Feedback & User Insights 💻

With Product Feedback Surveys, understand what users need and learn ways to delight your customers.

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There's more. The backbone for any organization and business is the support team. Measuring how well they're doing and how effectively they're resolving issues for your customers is super crucial and mostly missed. We don't want you to miss out on it. Introducing Customer Service Surveys — to take in-moment customer service, helpdesk and agent feedback. 

Let's dive deep into everything that's new in the new platform. 

  • Microsurveys — With Microsurveys, you can ditch the traditional, long forms and take feedback from your users with short, bite-sized format surveys. Microsurveys are targeted, contextual and ideally have no more than 2-3 questions. You can target specific users and groups, based on various filters and criteria like plan, event completion, role and other contact attributes.

    Microsurveys are a great way to collect data and get feedback from your website visitors and product users. 
    NPS Website Survey
  • Web Intercept & Widgets — A lot of you have already been using our Web Widgets and Feedback Buttons to take website feedback. Now we've further refined them and introduced more Web Widgets and Intercept features.

    Web Feedback Widgets or Web Intercept Surveys can be added to your website and within your product and app to display contextual feedback forms to your users and audiences. You can use Web Feedback Widgets for a lot —

    • Get feedback on product, content, customer support
    • Add Feedback Button to let users give feedback, request new features, report bugs within the product
    • Measure Product NPS and CSAT within the platform  
    • Run polls to get vote on features within your product 
    • Display surveys on exit intent, new subscription, cancellations, downgrades and more
    You can choose from a lot of different types of Website Feedback Widgets with Zonka Feedback. These include Side Tab Button or Feedback Button, Popup Survey, Popover Surveys, Slide Up Surveys and Bottom Bar Surveys (coming soon). 
    Web Intercept Surveys-1
  • User Segmentation — Not all customers and users need to be asked the same questions or displayed the same surveys. And here's when you need User Segmentation. With User Segmentation you can classify and group your contacts into specific segments or lists based on filters, attributes and interactions. User Segmentation also helps you identify contacts and do contact tracking to run Web Intercept Surveys within your product, in-app and on your website. For instance, you want to display onboarding survey to your customers who have signed up in this month, or display a specific survey only to your enterprise customers — User Segmentation is what you'll need. 

    User Segments within Zonka Feedback can be created based on any attributes, visit analytics, scores and survey interactions. 
  • Automation & Workflows — At Zonka Feedback, we believe that the end goal of taking feedback should be closing the feedback loop. The ability to easily and effectively close the feedback loop is a super power we want to give all Customer Service and Success teams. And closing the feedback loop is not limited only to monitoring feedback, investigating issues, doing tasks to resolve issues, and saving customers from churn. It extends to reaching out to happy customers, getting online testimonials, and building better relations.

    The CX Automation & Workflows at Zonka Feedback help you do exactly that. As a part of customer feedback automation, there are three types of Workflows you can set up in Zonka Feedback: Notification Workflows, Response Workflows and Contact Workflows. 

    And these Workflows are powerful, not just to help you close the feedback loop but to improve customer experience, enable real-time actions, reduce manual efforts for CX teams
    Empower cross-team collaboration, and reduce customer churn with better and a uniform customer experience. 
    Workflows and Automation-1
  • Deep Integrations with Helpdesk for Customer Service Feedback — Timely support and effective issue resolution plays an important role in the success of businesses and products. To measure how successfully your Customer Success teams are doing it — we've introduced Customer Service Feedback. 

    We've worked on deep integrations with popular helpdesks like Zendesk, Freshdesk, Help Scout, Intercom and more so you're able to easily measure customer feedback after tickets are closed or solved, after chats have ended, gauge agent performance and bring context to your customer service. 
  • Surveys for Salesforce — Using Salesforce as your CRM? We now have a tight integration with Salesforce. Get a 360° view of your customer, make CX insights a part of every interaction, discover key trends, close the feedback loop and boost customer loyalty with Zonka & Salesforce. 
    Salesforce feature image

With the new Zonka Feedback, we want you to be able to back all your product and customer service decisions with the one thing that matters most — customer feedback. 

To bring together all the new features, we have introduced new pricing and plans that will kick off from November 1, 2022. Check out the new pricing here

Ready to try out all the new features? Sign up for a free trial or log into your account


Written by Sonika

Oct 27, 2022

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