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Zonka Ranked As 2017 Category Leaders for Survey Software Apps by GetApp

Don’t you just feel delighted when the long-sown seeds of hard work and dedication start to bear fruits? Something similar has happened to us! We are super proud to announce that we are ranked as category leaders under survey software apps for 2017 by GetApp.

With so many survey and feedback apps hitting the digital zone almost every day, being able to make it as category leaders in the #1 business apps marketplace – GetApp, is such a bliss!

GetApp’s quarterly ranking exhibits the top 25 Survey apps based in the cloud. These rankings are decided on the basis of scores that are calculated factoring include user reviews, integrations, app availability, media presence, and security.

“We believe that it is the dedication of our team and support from our awesome clients that has helped us in getting recognized by GetApp. Zonka Feedback App has helped many businesses in becoming more customer-centric by enabling them to listen to their real customer voices. Thus, boosting their customer satisfaction profoundly.

This recognition has been a real boost for entire Zonka team to raise the performance bar even further and has further challenged us to work even better.

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Team Zonka

Written by Team Zonka

Nov 08, 2017

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