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1-to-10 Rating Scale Template Survey

The 1-to-10 rating scale template asks customers to rate the brand and customer experience between a score of 0 and 10. The template helps discover your customers' satisfaction levels and let their insights drive your business decisions. 

Understanding the 1-to-10 Rating Scale Template Survey

Our expert 1-to-10 rating scale survey asks customers to select the rating in response to the question. Respondents can easily choose the answers between two extremes.

Rating scale survey helps you capture quantitative data on popular topics such as customer experience, product satisfaction, or customer loyalty. With the rating scale survey, you can easily check how customers rate their experience with your company.

To create a survey using the 1-to-10 rating scale template survey simply sign up on Zonka Feedback for a free trial. 

How to Use the 1-10 Rating Scale Template Survey?

You can use the 1-10 rating scale template survey to collect multichannel feedback:

Mobile/Tablet/Kiosk: Collect on-site feedback for example retail store, customer service store, malls, etc., on mobile, tablet, or kiosk devices. Also, collect feedback without internet connectivity using Offline Surveys.

SMS/Email: Send web link SMS or Email and also embed the 1-10 rating scale question in the email body or signature. 
Website/App: Embed the 1-10 rating scale question into the website or mobile app to collect post-purchase or post-transaction feedback.

QR Code: Display QR codes at various locations or on the product packaging so customers can scan the QR and visit the survey link embedded into it.

To create a survey using the 1-to-10 rating scale template survey simply sign up on Zonka Feedback for a 7-day free trial. 

Rating Scale Template Survey Question

The following question is included in the 1-to-10 rating scale template survey:

  • What is the reason for your score?

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What is the best rating scale for a survey?

You can collect customer satisfaction on either a 1-5 rating scale or a 0-10 rating scale. The 0-10 rating scale is also the standard NPS survey format where customers can rate the likeliness of recommending your brand or products to others.

What is a rating scale survey called?

The rating scale is also called a Likert scale, which is used to capture the variation or nuances of customer feedback. For example, on a 0-10 rating scale, customers can rate their overall satisfaction with your brand or the likeliness of recommending it to others. 

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